What do you name your plants?

Inspired by this thread, I thought I’d ask the question.

I once owned a pink Gerbera daisy named Audrey III. My current plant is a Japanese luckytree bamboo looking thing I bought at the mall for a buck. His name is Miyagi-san(after Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid movies).

So…what do you name YOUR plants?:slight_smile:


I have a vine plant named Ophelia.

I don’t name my plants. If I were to name my plants, it would have to be something collectively like Soon To Be Dead. I can gaze at plants and they start to shrivel. I am the Botanic Plague. I am rarely home long enough to properly nourish them with kind words and water. It is like I expect it to rain inside my house to keep the poor things alive. Thankfully, most of my friends and relatives know this and keep the lush greenery beyond my destructive aura and Black Thumb.

Phil and Rhoda Dendron.

A friend gave me a studly bonsai (sp?) that bears a certain resemblence to – well, let’s just say I have named him Woody. I told my kiddos I named him after the character in Toy Story…

Petunia and Rose among other things. :wink:

Dead, Deader and Gettin’ to be Dead.

I have a cat.

I call my plants, collectively and sarcastically, Not a Freakin’ Salad Bar.

The plants I’ve named have always died. These included Joe Cactus, Arnold Palmer, and Robert Plant.

I no longer name my plants, and they’re all flourishing.

I have lots of plants, but I’ve never thought of naming them.

I should. I do talk to them after all; might make it easier if they had names.

Kn(admitting to being crazy is the first step)ckers

I can only grow spider plants. All other plants I grow die horrible wilting deaths. Their restless souls will haunt my apartment for all eternity.

My spider plant I call Xenophon. I used to have an aloe vera I named after myself (slortar), but it died, another victim of the Horrible Wilting Touch of Slortar…if you need a weed removal service just hire me to look after them…

dbygawdcapn–that’s why I own a Japanese luckytree bamboo thingie. All it needs is a bowl or cup or some vessel to sit in with some rocks for support and at least an inch of water and boom! The damn thing thrives! I’ve also been told you can train the little offshoots to curve around in spirals, though my shoots are near that long, nor are they the least bit curvy. Oh well. I don’t care. I think he’s an attractive little thing and he only cost me a dollar.:smiley:


I don’t. Why the hell would I name something I plan on eating in a few weeks?

Yup. They are named “Jade”, “Cactus”, “Ficus”, “Yukka” and “The Fred Meyer Plant”

Porsche the Cactus. I miss her.