What do you pay for babysitting these days?

Cool. Always good to have a reference.

We pay one of the ladies from daycare about $10 per hour, usually about $40 a night, for one kid.

Damn, I think I’m in the wrong line of work. They say here north of DC it’s $14 an hour!

well, that would make it “the wrong line of work” if you could parlay it into a full-time gig and get, like, benefits and retirement and stuff. . .But even though my sitters make $10.00 an hour, they seldom get more than a couple of hours a week from me. Now, if they could figure out a way to do that 6-8 hours a day, without the hassles of opening a day care center, they’d have something pretty lucrative on their hands. OTOH, that would require the kind of planning and scheduling that would warrant that level of pay!

Wow. We’ve been paying $5 an hour for two kids, but topping up the final amount. So for 4+ hours we’d typically pay $25 and then maybe add $10 for a total of $35, or $7 - $8 per hour. I’m thinking we’ve been underpaying now…

A few years ago I paid $8/hour to watch one kid, on the Big Island of Hawaii. I think I was getting a good deal - if I were to need a babysitter now in that location, I suspect I’d have to offer more like $10 or $15/hour.

On the one hand, I’m glad that the work of teenage girls is more valued now - when I was in high school in the mid-1970s I got a lousy 0.25/hour. Even adjusting for inflation, I think babysitters get paid much more now. I recall feminists of that era pointing out that boys could easily make more money with after school jobs that paid minimum wages, while girls tended to be stuck in babysitting hell (this was also used as a rationale for why boys should pay for their dates).

On the other hand … jeez that seems like an awful lot of money for work that requires no special qualifications, especially when the US Federal minimum wage is under $6.00/hour.

When I was a teenager (90s), the angle was: Why are you willing to spend more on someone to fix your car or flip your burger than you are on someone to protect and nurture your child? While we still don’t make anywhere near mechanic’s wages, at least we’re now more valued than fast food employees.

Yep, hard to disagree with that.