What do you pay for babysitting these days?

What’s the typical hourly rate? It would be watching two sweet, adorable, well-behaved kids ( :dubious: ), aged 5 and 2. We’re in North Carolina, if that makes a difference.

My kids are about the same age as yours and we don’t often use a babysitter but, when we do, it comes to about $12 an hour or maybe a little more for one of the responsible neighborhood teens to watch them. I have never discussed price in advance. That is just what we give them.

Ok, thanks. That’s in the ballpark of what I was figuring.

I’m a decade past my babysitting days, but one thing I can tell you is that this varies wildly depending on your neighborhood, at least if you’re talking about hiring a high schooler. I went to a school attended by girls from up to an hour’s drive away, and talking to them, I found that the going rate depended very much on their neighborhood, both in terms of supply of willing babysitters and in how well-to-do the area was. (Relatively richer teens needed more money for it to be worth their while, relative to how much they could get from their parents.) I doubt that asking on a worldwide message board is the best way to find out what you want to know - you ought to ask around your neighborhood.

FWIW, I got about minimum wage, or $4.50-5.00/hour at the time, possibly more if they were going to be awake all day or if it was last minute. I once talked to somebody who only got $3/hour, and some people I knew got $10/hour. Again, all these numbers are from about 1994-8, but they should give you an idea of how much this varies.

Gads… I am so still livin in the 80’s! You know, back in the day when I was too young to have a real job and was eager to get away from the eyes of my parents… I didnt do it for the money though, I did it because I had fun and it got me out of the house at night! My rate was $1.25/2 kids per hour.

I always told my girls not to charge more than $2/hr for 2 kids. If the parent(s) wanted to give them extra, then that was ok. I figured since they were younger than 16 & not paying taxes on the income & really didnt have other means to earn money, it was a good learning investment. Most people they babysat for were my co-workers with low-middle incomes. If you can afford more, then give more. My girls gave good care & were in demand where as someone else was second choice.

Now, since they’re teens, they have regular part time jobs, pay taxes, and dont get to sit around and watch tv & talk on the phone when the kids are in bed =P

I’m just really really really glad I dont have to deal with that anymore (paying for sitters)!

I charged $5 an hour, but that was nearly ten years ago…

I’d say about $8-10 is reasonable.

I pay nothing.

We belong to a babysitting co-op.

Holy Moly! :eek:

I am glad I am past those days.

I got lucky when my kids were little. The same woman that babysat me when I was little was still available to babysit.

I paid her a dollar an hour per kid. I supplied all their food, diapers, juice etc. That is the amount she asked for. I guess she was still living in the 70’s.

I rarely used night time sitters. Their dad had them every other weekend so I planned things around that or in a pinch my mom would watch them for free.

In the 90’s I got 5 or 6 an hour, more for multiple children, more if I had to pick them up from somewhere or something. I’m sure it’s more now.

We live in one of the per-capita lowest income neighborhoods in the country, so baby sitters are cheap. Of course, it’s also hard to find good/dependable ones. I do have a couple of young women I trust with my 8YO, and I pay $10.00 an hour, but also expect some basic light housekeeping while they’re here (my 8YO is very much well-behaved enough to make this very doable). The girls I hire are glad to get this much, as they couldn’t find a “real” job in the area that pays more than $7.00/hr. and this is cash money on the spot, and pretty easy work.

But I don’t need a sitter very often. I’m a SAHM (work part-time on eBay) and I have a 17YO daughter who helps out with babysitting without too much arm-twisting!

While looking for a new sitter one of the girls ( and I mean girl, she was 14) charged $20 to show and $20 an hour after that. There was also a $5 fee per hour after midnight. :eek: that averages out to more per hour than I make!

Wow, are you guys lucky! My bf’s sister charged $15-20/hour here in SF since she was at least 16, and gets it, too. (mostly toddlers, a few babies)

$12 per hour??? $20 just to show??? My goodness, kids today have some chutzpah. For that, I’d expect a week’s worth of prepared meals in the fridge and a scrubbed bathtub when I got home.

I haven’t babysat for about 10 yrs now, but back then my regular gig was 2-3 afternoons a week for a local family, for which they paid a whopping $8/hr. Mind you, what I was doing was more along the lines of part-time nanny - I’d go meet the kids at school and walk them to the house, prep whatever dinner had been planned for that night, take the dog out for her afternoon walk, nagged the kids into doing homework and then got them into bed at a reasonable hour before killing time until the parents got home sometime around 10-11pm.

Given that minimum wage was $6.85 at the time, I thought I had a pretty sweet deal. Now I’m not so sure. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmmm. There seems to be quite a variety of rates. I appreciate all of the responses. My intent was just not to be shocked by the numbers when thye come up and now I won’t.

We’re in about the same area as you. We usually pay $40/night, which usually translates to $10/hour. Of course, it helps that our sitter isn’t allowed to accept more than $40.

Sittercity has a rate calculator, based on your ZIP code, age of the sitter, years experience and number of kids. I’d be interested in knowing if it’s accurate for the people that have babysitters currently. It’s on the low end of correct for my ZIP, based on newspaper articles I’ve read in my city.

Hmmm. Well, according to this site (great site, btw!), $6.00/hr is typical for my area (though we’re on the “poor end” of this zip, so factor that in, too). So I guess $10.00/hr when you throw in some light housekeeping is probably fine. Nice to know the girls probably won’t think of me as a cheapskate! :wink:

Is she looking for new clients?

Sittercity comes up with $11.50 for my situation, which is right in the ballpark that most people have reported.

I’ll bring you her contact info Saturday.