What do you sleep on? A survey.

As a spin-off of this thread, I’d like to get some idea about what people are sleeping on, and how much they like it.

So, please respond with:

  1. Sleep surface type (Mattress, futon, waterbed, etc.)
  2. Make and model (if you know it).
  3. Construction - foam, spring, etc.
  4. Density - hard, soft, adjustable, etc.
  5. How you like it.
  6. How long you have had it.
  7. Any comments that might be pertinent.


  1. mattress

  2. Sealy Posturepedic Exceptional Plush

  3. innerspring (with box spring)

  4. soft

  5. I like it.

  6. 15 years

I bought a spring frame and a mattress. It’s like a frame/box spring all in one, stands about 2 ft high, so there is a lot of storage area underneath. Firm queen mattress with a 2" soft foam topper. Some nights, my wife rolls out an extra foam, one person sized, made for camping. Depends on how achy she is.

I sometimes fall asleep in my LazyBoy. Feel surprisingly refreshed after 2 to 4 hrs. Then, I get up and go to bed.

Didn’t use a bed for sleeping for almost 20 yrs. I had one, used it occasionally … :wink: but not for sleep. By myself, I slept on floor, recliner, couch, even had a hammock for a while. Probably some sort of emotional issue, who knows. But, I was always comfortable.

Our current bed is comfortable for sleeping and for amorous activities. Alone or together.

  1. waterbed
  2. Make and model ???
  3. water, fiber, plastic
  4. no wave
  5. love it
  6. 37 years
  7. I toss and turn on any other mattress I have to use.

I sleep on a mattress on the floor. I don’t know make/model but it was one of those 100 dollar specials at an outlet. I got it about six years ago and it’s fine. I sleep with a kid and various assorted pets so I’m not going to get a good night’s sleep no matter what.

  1. Mattress
  2. Simmons Beautyrest
  3. Innerspring with pillowtop
  4. Medium
  5. Quite a bit
  6. Seven years
  7. I really like my mattress, but I like my grandmother’s Sealy Posturepedic pillowtop better. That would be my next choice of mattress. Unfortunately for that, I now have a husband with a strong preference for hard, plain mattresses. So we’ll see.
  1. Mattress
  2. Serta iComfort (might be Sears-specific)
  3. Sweedish foam
  4. Soft, but not really applicable.
  5. Love it. Absolutely love it. Have trouble now sleeping on most normal (inner-spring) mattresses unless they’re super-soft (e.g. in some hotels)
  6. 4 or 5 years
  7. Absolutely love it. Recommend it if you’re looking for something else.
  1. Sleep surface type: Queen-sized mattress on box springs.
    2)** Make and model**: Original Mattress Factory. I think the model is “Orthopedic?” I dunno–it’s been a while since I’ve had the mattress cover off of it.
  2. Construction: I do believe it’s what them fancy air-bed commercials like to call a “traditional inner-spring mattress”.
  3. Density: Extra Firm.
  4. How you like it: Mmm. I loves my bed. :smiley:
  5. How long you have had it: Mom got it for me back in 2000, so going on 14 years.
  6. Any comments that might be pertinent: My mattress doesn’t have any of that pillow-top nonsense on it, so it’s bloody impossible to find fitted sheets that… fit. Would you people please stop this mattress depth war madness? Grr. Also, in theory you’re supposed to flip this thing once a month or so. I used to, and it does make a difference. But… seriously, flipping a queen size mattress solo is a royal pain in the ass, so I’ve mostly given up on that.
  1. Fine cotton
  2. Hammock/handmade in the Yucatan
  3. Fine cotton weave
  4. Adjustable to every body type
  5. Love it
  6. Been hammocking for 6 years
  7. You don’t toss and turn in a hammock. You wake up 6-8 hours later in the same position. Especially useful in hot climates. When it is cooler, you wear sweat shirt/pants.
  1. Sleep surface type: Mattress
  2. Make and model: I don’t remember but I ordered it from Overstock.com
  3. Construction: Memory foam
  4. Density: Medium, which in this particular mattress is pretty firm
  5. How you like it: We have it on a platform and it took awhile to get used to the lack of a box spring, but I think it’s comfortable. My husband doesn’t like it though.
  6. How long you have had it: Hmmm, maybe three years? Four?
  7. Any comments that might be pertinent: It was way cheaper than buying a traditional mattress from a store. It does tend to squash down a lot when you sit on the edge. It isn’t reversible so you can’t flip it but you can turn it end to end which seems to work fine. I purposely didn’t get a box spring because I was afraid it would be too soft what with the memory foam, but it’s firm enough that it probably wouldn’t be a problem. Might make it even better.
  1. Mattress with box spring on steel bed frame
  2. Original Mattress Factory Classic Plush (IIRC)
  3. Innerspring
  4. Firm
  5. So far, so good. It’s the 4th bed I’ve bought from OMF.
  6. 3-4 months. Hardest part has been getting used to sleeping on a bed frame again after 6 or so years of sleeping on a bed that sat directly on the floor.
  7. You will freak the salesperson out if you (as I did on my 3rd purchase) walk in and mention that you’ve bought 3 beds from them in 10 years: one for you and your wife, one for your bachelor pad, and now this one for your girlfriend.

The fourth one was for my (new) wife and me. I omitted the details and just told him “I’ve been very pleased with your products in the past.”

  1. Mattress with foam top add-on, with slatted base on a frame
  2. Mattress: Sultan Flokenes from Ikea, forgetting the foam topper right now but we just got it at Costco, slatted base Sultan Luroy from Ikea.
  3. Memory foam, foam, and fiber combo (no springs/frame)
  4. Firm - addition of foam topper made it squishy-soft but with a firmer base layer
  5. Comfy! Foam topper does have a tendency to “push” you out if you tend to sleep on the edge of the bed. Husband says he feels more apt to sleep on his back on the original mattress.
  6. About 2.5 months. No regrets in ditching the previous mattress. We only got the foam topper a couple weeks ago; I think it was fine without but my husband wanted just a bit more softness to the bed.
  7. Love a mattress that’s sold jelly-roll style so one or two people can tote it out to the car and bring it upstairs. Sadly, I doubt it will ever squish down to quite that volume again.

Standard box spring and coil mattress, probably Mattress Firm, firm, with a four inch memory foam topper.

The mattress itself was cheap and saggy. Awful. Painful. With the topper it’s perfect. No back pain, no neck pain, very very comfortable.

The bed is 4-5 years old, the mattress top is 6 months.

It was still expensive, the mattress pad and sheets to fit over it were $500. So I could have bought a new bed. That’s something to consider.

Does everyone remember their mattress brand off the top of their heads? Maybe I would if I hadn’t bought it used.

  1. Mattress. It has one of those wierd, I’m trying to pretend I’m a separate pad things on the top.

  2. Manufacturer? Model? No clue. Queen sized for $50 on Craigslist because someone had to move fast. I had been wanting to get a full size bed because the dog was getting to big for a twin. But the boy found the listing and, hey, fifty bucks.

  3. Construction - spring on box springs

  4. Density - kind of hard

  5. Still kind of wish that I had a full sized, because the room is small. OTOH, I sometimes babysit my son’s dog, and then the extra room is nice.

  6. If I remembered how long I’ve had it, I’d probably remember the make, too. More than five years. Probably not ten, yet.

  7. I used to have it up on blocks so that I could store bins under it. But I’ve gone through a few rounds of giving things away, so now I can run a roomba under it. Well, I also had to trim the fabric hanging from the bottom of the box springs. One of my dearly departed cats had ripped a couple of chunks off so that he could hide up inside it. But now things are arranged for easy maintenance.

Don’t ask about the curtains.

I sleep around, depending on where spouse, kids and pets are, aren’t or need me to be.

There’s a California King mattress and box-springs. Very firm, we’ve had it for less than five years. There’s also a twin-size mattress and box-springs. Also very firm, had it for less than a year. There’s a reclinable easy chair. Softer than the beds. And finally, sometimes I sleep on a throw rug on the floor. Super-firm, the floor is hardwood.

Yes, I’m weird. I can get a good night’s sleep on anything that’s solid. I don’t like soft mattresses, and waterbeds are torture devices. I always need a good pillow that I can adjust its shape and a blanket or two to cover my torso.

I can sleep like the dead on anything and wake up feeling fine as long as I have a pillow which supports my neck, including a blanket on a hardwood floor, which I was doing for some time last year.

Currently I’m sleeping on an Ikea bed/basic mattress, one with the wood slats underneath. It’s my roommate’s old bed and I think it’s about 5 or 6 years old. Yeah it’s comfortable but so is just about any bed, for me. What I like about sleeping on the floor is that there was no temptation to lounge around since it wasn’t cozy.

You sleep on a survey? That doesn’t sound very comfortable. :wink:

My boyfriend and I sleep on a queen-sized gel memory foam mattress. It’s called the Serta Savannah and we bought it at Big Lots about 7-8 months ago. It wasn’t too expensive, $500+tax. It was moderately firm, but moderately squishy. Maybe a *little *too squishy. It’s very comfortable. We tried to turn the mattress though, and we didn’t like it that way. It must have gotten shaped to our bodies.

King size TempurPedic on platform. Had it for 12 years now and it’s still like new. Love it.

Ain’t no shame in it.

  1. Surface- Mattress
  2. Make/Model- Tempurpedic, Tempur-Cloud Supreme Breeze
  3. Construction- Memory foam
  4. Density- technically, I’m not sure but it’s pretty firm
  5. Like it?- Too early to tell. We’ve only had it for two weeks and apparently they take a few weeks to get used to. We’re getting used to it.
  6. How long? See #5
  7. Other- We had a Simmons Beautyrest w/pillowtop for about 11 years. We loved it at first but over the last 6-7 years I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my upper back and neck. I often wake up in pain, and have changed out my pillow a few times. We went to the store and tried out a bunch of mattresses, and narrowed it down to 3- the one we got, a Simmons innerspring, and a Simmons memoryfoam. We decided to try the Tempurpedic because it has a 90-day trial period vs 30 days for the others. We’ll make a decision near the end of our trial period, but so far I think I’m liking this one.

Sealy Posturepedic (on a hard wooden platform)
inner spring (without box springs)
I like it
10 years