What do you think about governors abandoning their posts to run for president?

Chris Christie comes to mind for this, but he is certainly not the first person to do it. He is still the governor of New Jersey. He seems to have abandoned that post to stay on the campaign trail. He is still responsible for New Jersey and its government.
What do you think? Should he, or any other governor who runs for president while still in office, be punished in some way?

Don’t care. Unless you can prove they were truly derelict in their duties I don’t think it matters.

People can just suck at their jobs sometimes. If they were truly neglecting their own state it would ensure they couldn’t get elected to the higher office and ensure they couldn’t be reelected to the same office. In my opinion they still have plenty of reason to do a good job at home. They can blow off their own state at their own peril.

We also live in the modern world physical location means very little. They can still handle anything they need to while on the road.

Mitt Romney was still governor of MA while running for president. His last year in office he spent more time outside the state then he did in it. 400 plus days of his 4 year term he was out of state. While I’d say all the time away made it more difficult to achieve his agenda(Which to me was a good thing),it didn’t prevent him from doing his job. It’s not like MA fell apart because he wasn’t in town.

Another vote for Do Not Care.

This gripe ranks right down there with “the President spends too much time on vacation!”

If Christie looked like he had a snowball’s chance of becoming president only the extreme partisans would care that he was running. Maybe those are the only people complaining now.

A governor running for president is no more abandoning his position than a president does when he runs for re-election.

Why stop at governors? How about Senators and Representatives? Aren’t they also abandoning their jobs?

By my count, in addition to Christie and John Kasich (Governor of Ohio – forgot about him, didn’t we!) we’d also have to bring the hammer down on Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio.

At least it would clear out that crowded Republican field pretty quickly.

In fact Rubio *was *knocked earlier in the campaign (by the Bushites IIRC) for a weak voting/attendance record. Doesn’t seem to have hurt much (then again this year WHAT does/can hurt anyone?)

So it’s not like it’s not brought up, but it’s mostly seen as par for the course especially in the face of the overlapping terms of many governors and 2/3 of the Senators vis-a-vis any presidential election year.

Senators/reps need to be there more day to day for reading/voting on bills and meetings of any committees they might be on.

Beyond signing/vetoing bills (which could be overnighted) and getting in the way of the rare disaster, is there any reason a Governor needs to be physically in his office?

Sarah Palin anyone?

She only truly abandoned her job (and her constituents and the state) after the race was over and she had landed a lucrative book deal.

Chris Christie won’t be getting elected to anything anytime soon in New Jersey. His http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2016/01/christie_on_storm_criticism_in_nh_its_already_done.html"]“Should I pick up a mop?” beat-down made it clear that he’s moved on.

The County that he threw under the bus was Cape May County. Cape May County has https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elections_in_New_Jersey#Partisan_strongholds"]Always voted red back to the days when Sandman defended Nixon on the House Judiciary Committee.
They’ve carried water for him and helped to elect him, so being a big part of his base and getting dissed must have stung.

As for “punishment”, you have to understand that this isn’t how it works here… and also that this is small potatoes to Chris Christie. He and his administration were implicated in “bridge-gate” but he managed to avoid the wrap on that.
His people are tightly woven like funnel cake now, effectively making him “Teflon coated” to whatever they cook up.

The thing is, though that his attention isn’t there because he has bigger fish to fry. He’s running now and he’s http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/ia/iowa_republican_presidential_caucus-3194.html"]enjoying his 2% with his morning paper.

That, and lets face it: New Jersey is just a tiny over-crowded Garden State… and Chris Christie has out grown us. I can’t say if he’ll be moving to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or anywhere else along The Beltway.
In recent years he’s shown a strong affection for Texas and The Cowboys. It’s not impossible that he’d invest in a steak in a spread down there either. Do I know for sure whether he’d fit in around DC or Texas?
There’s just no way to tell. All I really know is that he grew on us.

Hopefully he’ll grow on you now…

I’ve applied for one job while working somewhere else so unless whatever Governor we’re talking about totally blows it in his current position I can live with the idea.

In the case of John Kasich, I’m in favor of it.

If I lived in NJ, the less time Cristie spent on his job, the happier I’d be. As for sitting senators, they are doing nothing useful anyway.

Once upon a time, even running for president was somethink that took maybe 6 months out of your life. Now it is a 2-4 year slog.

Anyway, running for one office while holding another is par for the politican’s course. Even running for re-election takes time away.

More so than governors, I’d say, since physical location does matter for them.

ETA: I see running coach covered this.

I know “career politician” is used as an insult on the campaign trail but if you want an “experienced politician” that’s proven successful, you kind of have to expect he’s currently got a job as one.