What do you think of this for a childs name

My wifes brother just had another baby. They gave it the middle name of…get this…Tarzan :rolleyes:
I’ve always said that if you’re going to give a kid a screwball name, make it the middle name so he/she can easily hide it if they wish. Knowing that my loser-in-law was probably drunk during the birth, I think it’s ridiculous. What do you all think?

I don’t see anything wrong with it, especially as a middle name. I’d definitely think more of someone who gave their kid a nice literary name like Tarzan than some abomination like Ryleigh.

My first son is going to be named George Reiner <two syllable German surname>. A little unusual, but it sounds nice and follows family tradition, he’ll probably go by his middle name too since George is my Dad.

What was the reasoning behind little Tarzan’s name?

Poor kid. He’ll have to live with that stupid yell until he’s old enough to change his name.

What is the baby’s first name?
Never mind, not important.

Drunk during naming? Perhaps drunk during conception.

Dear Auntie, you may call the newborn as you wish.
And you may instruct the newborn to call you as you wish.
After all, mom is just your sister-in-law.

You may be known as just ant.
Or you may be known as Lady Greystroke.

Your call.

None. My wifes brother is an idiot. He complains that he keeps getting arrested for not paying child support for the other kids he’s had, then he cranks out another one. The kids first name is Robert. The middle name has no significance to the family whatsoever. bro-in-law is just a goof. It wouldn’t be so bad, but you know that kid is going to go nuts with people making fun of that name.

I wouldn’t have done it.

Far be it from me to tell anyone what to do re their children, but my personal first objective in deciding on a name would be to spare my child teasing and abuse because of an embarrassing first or middle name. Children can be so cruel.

Actually I have a friend with the first name ‘Tarzan’. He has yet to change it, though he is rather tired of people asking him ‘Where’s Jane?’

Yet another thing the kid can look forward to.

What I love is how women will choose to have kids with these morons.

“Sure, he doesn’t take care of the ones he’s already had, but this one will be different because he had it with me

Well, I’ve always wanted to name a kid “Goddammit”. I can see it now…

“Goddammit! Go clean your room!”
“Stop playing games, Goddammit!”

But Tarzan? I would never name a kid Tarzan.

Well, at least the first name isn’t Tarzan. I have a first name that has caused not a small amount of hassle in my life. It exists on my drivers license, ss#, passport and EVERY fucking form in America and on the internet because it is First Name, Middle Initial, Last Name. Pet peeve folks. Ya wanna have fun with your kids name, make sure it’s the middle name.

If there was a cool reason behind it, like your BIL was a great fan of Edgar Rice Burroughs and admires the qualities embodied in the character of the Lord of the Apes, or if he had a buddy nicknamed Tarzan who died, or something, that would be one thing.

But a child shouldn’t be given a goofy name just because it’s goofy.

“We must be careful to choose a nice, ordinary name that won’t result in his being teased in the playground when he gets older. Let’s call him… Pubert.”

  • Addams Family Values

I agree with those who say to have a little fun with the kid’s middle name. Nobody on the playground’s gonna find out unless he wants them to.

On the other hand, if he grows up into a cool sort of kid, he can always initial the first name, and go with **H. Tarzan McGillicuddy.


Children will make fun of any name. They will go through everybodys name they know and make fun of it. Then they will do the surnames.

True, Zebra. But can’t we at least not make it so god blessedly EASY for them? (“Limit one’s exposure”, to use a semi legal term)

Mr. and Mrs. Jones have a son and they name him Dammit. Everyone is chagrined at the name, but once they get used to it, it just seems natural to them. One day little Dammit Jones’ teacher has an announcement.

“Class, we’ve won a very special prize. Mel Gibson is going to visit us. It’s very important that you be on your best behavior when Mr. Gibson is here so that he doesn’t get a bad impression of our school and our class.” She continues to warn them to be polite and courteous.

The big day comes, and Mel shows up. The teacher is showing off her class, having them solve math problems on the board. She puts a particularly hard one up, and asks for volunteers. No hands go up. Finally, Jones raises his hand. The teacher, knowing that the problem is beyond Jones’ ability, ignores him for as long as she can, but finally, in frustration she tells him, “Dammit Jones, you know you can’t solve that problem.”

At which point Mel Gibson interrupts with, “Well, what the hell, lady, give the kid a fuckin’ chance.”