What do you think of this guy's house?

I pass this house on a regular basis. On the one hand I admire the guy for keeping alive the memory of his fallen comrades. Then evil cynical me says, “Welcome home Viet Nam Vets??? They came home 40 years ago- get over it!” I know “getting over it” is easier sad than done, and I wasn’t the guy over there. I guess making his house a shrine is a coping mechanism, and as such is a benign one.

Warning: Contains nuts.

I wouldn’t do it, but it’s relatively inoffensive. It wouldn’t bother me if he was in my neighborhood.

According to this article there are 1,643 servicemen who remain MIA. Every once in a while you hear about some remains being found/returned. Maybe that’s his issue.

The house is kind of cool, but I’d lose the sign.

What’s it say on the tombstone?

Also, he could use a few more American flags. Any number short of 2 dozen is downright unpatriotic!

Love the neighborhood makes me want to leave Los Angeles

If you zoom in, you can kind of read it. I got ‘Vietnam Veteran’ (in red) ‘2 something Combat Eng. Bat.’ ‘1965 - 1967’ or something like that.

Wow. I was just about to say there’s now way you can zoom in on that, but now I see in new Google Maps that there’s a zoom button in the bottom right corner.

It could use a coat of paint.

Personally I’m thinking I’d stay the fuck off his lawn.:eek:

Another old guy stuck in time.

Eh. Needs more flags.
A few blocks from my last house the homeowner plastered his fence and his house with “Abortion is Murder” signs. Unsightly, yes. But I stopped even noticing it after the first few times; it just became part of the landscape.

I always figured every house in Nebraska looked like that.

Or maybe just Torrance? (There are lots of neighborhoods in L.A. County that look a lot like that picture.)

But, yeah, I know what you mean.

There was an old guy driving some huge Detroit monstrosity plated “B-17 Drvr” around the local airport 30 or so years ago.

Another “get over it”.

If it was B-29. maybe. B-17? That’s like “my other car is a crapped out Chevy”

This is a more modest display but has been here for at least 15 years: http://goo.gl/maps/CgMGo

The homeowner is an Iwo Jima vet, and obviously it still affects him almost 70 years later. Real nice guy. Drives a Honda.