What do you think of this shirt and sweater?




The shirt is fine. I like traditional button-down shirts, myself.

The sweater is not so fine. I’m not sure why it looks so silly. Maybe it’s just the model. Seeing it on that guy cracked me up.

On the other hand, who am I to advise anybody on fashion choices? It’s just my opinion, anyhow.

Shirt seems a fine, nondescript male button-down shirt.

The sweater could look OK, but that model is wearing it too tight and trying too hard to look cool. It would look better minus the enormous sunglasses.

Yeah, that model totally looks like a douchebag. I’m sure on anyone else, it would be okay.

Well, since the model was deliberately dressed that way by someone in charge, I’d say it looks as good as it is supposed to.

I still vote “no” on cardigans.

A guy-digan just looks grandpa-ish to me. The shirt is classic, but the sweater is bleh.

And that model is a definite douche.

The shirt is not offensive.

The sweater sucks. If you have a BMI of over 8, it will make you look like you have a potbelly. If do you have even a bit of a belly, it will make you look like you were due to deliver twins last week. Unfortunately, it also manages to be boring as well as unflattering, and that model is creepy.

The only guys I’ve ever met who could pull off a sweater like that were hipster type guys who purchased all of their clothes at thrift stores. It’s a bit odd imagining someone spending more than a couple of bucks on a sweater like that.

I like the shirt though. It’s quite sharp.

Shirt, good. Sweater… Uncle Charlie from My Three Sons, anyone?

Then again, it depends on how you wear it. For all I know, you could um, rock that cardi for all its worth.

Shirt, good. It’s just a white dress shirt.

Sweater - I like it, but almost no guys I know look good in cardigans. Unless you are already a “fashionable” guy and are tall and lanky, you’re probably gonna look weird in it - messy or look like you have a belly. But I have no idea what you look like or your normal style so it’s up to you.

Actually, it is an oxford that is a little too casual to be a dress shirt.

How about this sweater (another cardigan).

To give you a better idea of my body shape. I have 15-15 1/4 inch neck. 40 inch chest. Between 5’10 - 5’11’. 32-32 inch sleeve. 30 inch waist.

$425 is a little steep for a sweater they aren’t even claiming is Cashmere. It looks okay, but it only looks $75 okay to me.

Sounds pretty athletic. Try this direction: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatProductPage.process?Merchant_Id=1&Section_Id=877&Product_Id=1154790&Parent_Id=401

10 inches between chest and waist is going to make the stripes in the sweater curve, and not in a good way.

Seriously. My gay male friends beg me to take them shopping. Forget that sweater, and get the shirt only if you like to iron, or you have your shirts done.

The Ralph Lauren cardigan is better. Whether it is “good” or not depends on your skin tone, the rest of the outfit, your budget, and your personal style.

It’s sounds like you have a fairly easy to dress build, but I’m a little fuzzy on why you want a combination of dress shirt and cardigan. What look are you going for? A conservative version of standard business casual, or are you trying to get? Ever-so-slightly-more-casual formal business attire?

Looks a little too schoolboy for me - like the other one better. And it’s definitely too expensive, because it’s not very cute. The pattern and colors scream little kids Catholic school uniform.

And I’m a girl, I lazily and I guess incorrectly interchange the words oxford and dress shirt. I do know that you’re supposed to wear actual dress shirts with suits (the shirts you find in the suiting section of Macy’s for example, many come in packages). Other than that I’m only good enough with men’s fashion to help my boyfriend not look like a slob.