What do you think of this vacuum?


My brother is moving into his very first condo and among the appliances he needs is a vacuum. He scoped this one out. What do you all think of it?

Looks good to me. Not too expensive, not too cheap. Dirt Devil is a decent brand. Their warranty appears good too.

I’ve become quite spoiled with my Dyson.

Personally, I think it sucks. :smiley:

Ok seriously, I like the Dirt Devils alot. And yes, it’s because they suck.

Neither of us has ever used a DD so we weren’t sure of the suckage factor. We both grew up with the 8-pound Oreck Wonder Vac and it has lost suckage over the years, but mom doesn’t seem to notice. Also, is it much more beneficial to go bagless?

We’ve got a DD (not that same model) at home and I think it’s great. Picks up all sorts of stuff that the other vac wouldn’t even think of getting.
If I was in the market for a new one I’d probably get that one.

Question; Does it have two pick up (suction) ports on the bottom (where the brush is) if just one. And where are they or where is it located (eg side, middle, etc.) I guess that makes a difference in the vacuum circles.

I abhor it.

BTW, every vacuum cleaner has to be cleaned and maintained periodically. It may be that the Oreck just needs to have the barnacles scraped off of it.
Don’t know about bagless verses not so much.

It su…damn.

My experience? Spent $300 on a vacuum, it lasted about 18 months. Spent $250 on its replacement, lasted about 9 months. Spent $200 on its replacement, lasted about 12 months. Got pissed off and spent $70 on its replacement, works like new 2 years later.

What I learned?

  • Hoover is garbage.
  • Stay away from belt-drives
  • Stay away from bags
  • Get something you can take apart quickly with a phillips screwdriver–you want to be able to easily access the filth tunnel from the brush to the can. Most of the models I’ve had trouble with would get a clog about 4 inches up from the brush and you couldn’t locate it easily, let alone clear it completely.

I’ve found that it’s best to go cheap with limited lifespan appliances. Even if it were tortured and died after 6 months, the $70 vacuum cleaner could be replaced 3 times furing the lifespan of one of the more expensive models. So it was worht the risk. turns out, it’s the best cleaner I’ve ever had.

I have the Dirt Devil Swivel Guide Vision which is bagless. I would rather take a bag out and throw it away than constantly empty the “bag compartment”. With 2 cats and a hairy dog I empty it every time I vacuum. In the summer time emptying it isn’t so bad outside in the garbage but in the winter I put a bag over it and bang it on the side of pail as dirt, dust and dander goes flying. PITA imo.