what do you want for christmas?

I want headphones for my iPod that won’t fall off when I’m on the treadmill. An arm band would be nice, too. Oh, and I also want Dance Dance Revolution for the Wii but I already know I’m getting that from my husband.

The same thing I ask for every year.

Santa’s list of naughty girls… :stuck_out_tongue:

(The ones over 18 of course)

I want a Roomba.

I don’t think I’ll be getting it, despite my subtle hints (“Honey, I want a Roomba!”) and not-so-subtle hints (“Honey, I really, really, really want a Roomba!”) because my husband has this thing about not buying something I ask for, but something he thinks up all on his own. Which is fine, I guess, and Emily Manners [sic] is right that if you ask for it, it’s not really a gift, but it just means that I’ll be slightly disappointed, put on a happy face about whatever he does get me (probably DVDs) and then I’ll go out in March (after the kids’ birthdays) and buy one for myself out of our household funds and we’ll eat leftovers and soup for a week to pay for it.

I’d like good long distance running shoes for Hallboy. (Doing an internet search, it looks like they’ll run :::gulp::: between $85 and $150. And, his feet are still growing.) He used to do distance running with a running club at school, but the it’s no longer active, so I thought it would be good for him to do some running outside of school with a local running group. However, his Wal-mart sneakers are worn and won’t be good support for his feet for distance running.

I’d like a full tank of heating oil. It’s over $3 a gallon and a full tank (about 200+ gallons) isn’t going to happen this winter unless Santa brings it.

I’d like for my best friend’s lymphoma to respond to treatment. I don’t know how many more remissions she can go in and out of, but I’d really like this to be her last treatment, and for it to do what it’s supposed to do.

I’d like Hallgirl1 to get into Pharmacy school (but that’s really something for this time next year). She’s worked really hard, and made some tough decisions, and she deserves to get into pharmacy school.

I’d like Hallgirl2 to have a happy and healthy pregnancy. The weather’s tough in Minot, and she and her husband are far away from family.

That’s all.

my two front teeth?

A digital camera. I suggested to my mom when she asked if I had any ideas, and she said she’d talk to Santa about it (which probably means my dad). But we’ll see what happens.

If I don’t get a digital camera, I may buy one in January, since I am likely to recieve enough cash/checks from assorted relatives to pay for the type of camera I think I want. (Oops, shouldn’t expect a check from Dead Grandma)

Money towards a new computer. Mine’s dead. I’m using my sister’s 7-year-old disused laptop that’s got a 20gb hard drive, 256mb of ram and a 850MHz Pentium III processor.

Also, socks.

A boyfriend! Teehee!

Oh, and a hardcover, illustrated version of Alice in Wonderland.

And an herb garden.

And a green card.

A legitimate relationship with a good man.

This book. I’m not going to get it, of course. But I’m going to buy it for my boss.

Well, I got my big “want”-- a small digital camera that fits in my purse or pocket so I can carry it anywhere. That’s my gift from Himself.

But I also want a new comforter set, and the complete Calvin and Hobbes. What I’m getting instead of those, though, is a new clutch fan for my truck. :mad:

What do I want?

A girlfriend.

Failing that, Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium for Mac.

Failing that, a digital camera.

Failing that, a wall-mount drop-leaf two-person kitchen table for my apartment (I already have the classic stools to go with it–they’re out of my late uncle’s 1950’s-era rec room). Plus a thorough apartment going-over by a cleaning service.

Failing that, sweat pants, athletic socks, and/or gym shoes. And a decent exercise mat.

I’m betting I get the socks.


Or a winning lottery ticket.

My husband to be supportive and kind and to realize how important “I’m Sorry, Please and Thank You,” are.

My Stepdaughter to be kind to me.

The ability not to care anymore if I don’t get those 2 things…

For my hair to suddenly decide it wants to grow very fast. I’m thinking of trying to grow it out again (with the provision that I actually get it cut and styled properly once it’s the length I want) but it grows so slowly that it takes ages to get any length at all.

I’m sensing a SDMB SUPER Secret Santa gift exchange.

In that case, may I choose which Dopers I would prefer to receive? You know, like making a list of what things people can choose from to buy you?

A holiday dinner with my family with minimal stress and zero yelling.

Somehow I think I have better odds of getting Guitar Hero for Xbox 360, which would put it squarely in the middle of Fat Chance and When Hell Freezes Over.

I want a replacement DVD player, exactly like the one we have now which cost us $80, plays just about any region and VCD as well as DVD, and has lasted seven years, but is unfortunately starting to fail. :frowning:

I want the Creature Feature hoodie they recently advertised on their MySpace page, which I’m pretty sure Mr. Bunny will get me, hooray!

I want a memory foam mattress topper - my mum had given us some Christmas money to go toward such a thing, but we had to use it to fund my last minute trip back to Oregon for my friend’s memorial service. :frowning:

Other than that, a gift card to Amazon would just about cover everything - mostly just the actual DVD’s of various British miniseries & movies I’ve downloaded over the last year, Doctor Who soundtracks and Torchwood novels.

Oh, and I don’t know if there is such a thing (husband thinks he could make one), but I want a bumper sticker for our Scion xB that reads: “Bigger On the Inside”. :smiley:

I suppose we could set up something where everyone could list their likes and dislikes, and type up a short paragraph of introduction, what they’re looking for, etc. And then post a photograph. Then we’d need some way for people to contact each other anonymously.

We could call it SDMBHarmony.com. :smiley: