what do you want for christmas?

I want to get a new tv and mp3. I like
I am so excite for them.
what do you want for christmas?

Mostly books. The truth is, I’m probably hard to buy for, because I usually buy anything I want. So I just ask for books because that is the one thing that will always always always be used.

Now if we went on a what would I ask the universe for it might be for a female companion. Usually I’m quite content being single, but this last week or so I have felt the call of loneliness.

X-Box 360 and furniture for my new apartment.

A perfect thread for MPSIMS. MOved.

samclem GQ moderator

I want January 2008 for christmas.

Better yet, June 2008.

Not to run out of money.

Oh, and also… to join the cult.

What I want for Christmas I can’t have. But I’ll settle for some good music, some good books, and time with family.

I would like for my grandchildren to call me.

What I want is a Kitchenaid stand mixer.

What I will get is more along the lines of a sweater, a bottle of perfume, maybe a Starbucks gift card. It’s so not fair.

World peace.

And also a Kitchenaid stand mixer (the 575w, 6 qt model, plz) and a Dyson Animal. And a pony.

I won’t get those things but I’m having margaritas on the beach for Christmas so I’ll call it good.

Peace and quiet to get my writing projects finished.

Nothing. I don’t like getting christmas gifts and I don’t like buying them.
Come to think of it, I don’t like christmas at all. :smiley:

A good time with friends and family.

Whirled peas.

Oh, and not to goon out in front of my old friend who I haven’t seen in ages. And for her not to freak out in front of me. We sort of owe the universe.

I’d settle for household peace.

Black socks
A cat tunnel for my kitties
Bookstore gift certificate so I can order Stephen King’s Duma Key
Something nice to sleep in
Clothing store gift certificate
A big box of chocolates to regift to my librarians

This guitar and a papasan chair.

Being with family and enjoying it would be nice, but won’t happen.

An iPod.

Also this book.

A remote-kill button.

Here’s how it would work – when an idiot calls, I pull out the button. The first time they say (or ask) something stupid (for example “what colour is the aqua tissue?”) I push the button, and it delivers a mild electric shock. Each time I have to press my button, the shock gets less mild, until – if they’re really that stupid – they are dead. It makes me happy to fantasise about it.

what? :smiley:

A mobile-phone jammer.

A new job.