What do you women do about ill-fitting bras? (Posted by an ignorant male)

I get around this problem by not buying ill-fitting bras to begin with. I have been fitted and know my size. I also look for bras that have wide shoulder straps and at least five hooks. Underwires don’t work for me, so I don’t get those at all.

It’s not that hard.


Mostly I just decline to wear them. Luckily I am comfy without one, and if I do need one (when my mom visits, for instance :eek:) I’m an easy fit.
I love living in a liberal town. If you have just the tiniest bit of hippie/earthchild/soapmaker/poet type blood, you can get away with anything. :smiley:

What town is it? Does being one-eighth Gypsy count? I’d like to know… :cool:

Oh, yeah… Ain’t it great? I’ve stopped waering any bra at all since coming back to hippie school. And the really great thing is that I don’t even get a second look, 'cos half the girls 'round here don’t wear bras.

I think my breasts have started to look a lot better since I’ve stopped wearing a bra. They seem much rounder and perkier, now that they aren’t squashed into a boob girdle for 16 hours a day. Since they’ve gone free range my breasts have been much more happier.

A new friend of mine took a different approach when bra size became a problem, she got boobs to fit a smaller bra. She was previously a G-cup and had problems with the shoulder straps digging in. It got so bad that all that her arms were going numb from nerve compression. She was reduced to a C but is now a DD. I didn’t know her in her G-cup days but she did keep one of her 46GG Goddess bras as a reminder and yes, my head just about fits in one of the cups.

Grace, FWIW I love quadraboobage?. :smiley:

I’m a 36-38C (sometimes D, depending on the week) and wear a bra only for jogging. I find that a white shirt with a vest over it adequately camouflages nipplage at work and such, and any guys who might find it enjoyable to rest their eyes on my more-mobile cleavage are usually scared off by my face, I think.

And yup, free-range breasts seem to be healthier and happier. I come from a family of moderately large women, and if I’m going to sag when I’m 60 anyway, I sure don’t want divets in my shoulders.


Only one thing missing for your fictional character Dougie - bras are sturdy pieces of clothing. I have three that I rotate through, hand washing every few days. I’ve had them over a year and they still look nearly new. (They are, however, Wacoal bras - expensive as all hell, but worth every penny). Before I got pregnant and had to switch bra sizes permanantly, some of my bras were five or six years old. Eventually the underwire gives (if they have one), but they are more comfy without them, and once I discovered that had the seam ripper out for the rest. Even the cheap bras I’ve had have held up well - except for the ones with the plastic front closures - those things break.

I had just figured that this fictional woman, whom I named Mary Blonda (yes, she is blond) would see fit to go about the house without one, deciding it’s more comfortable that way. But when she goes somewhere in public comfort yields to discreton, to some extent, and she never appears in public without one.

Donate them to Goodwill! bras are expensive and it will probably fit someoene else.


<hijack>But aside from being perverts, why do we (Western) men want to delude ourselves that all women (including 80-year-old women:eek: ) have perky breasts, and stare at their bra-ed chests, even though when (most) women take off their bras, they’re more or less droopy?</hijack>

Screech-owl…How I wish these manufacturers would stop doing that to us. I FINALLY find THE bra. That one that holds all of both boobs in the cup, doesn’t create a puffy fat pouch next to my armpit and doesn’t create weird pyramid shaped breasts. Sigh of relief, for now, I can just keep buying that exact bra. Until that dark day, when I go the spot where they have always been, to find MY bra has been replaced by some pointy boob, thin strapped aqua marine piece of s**t.

I am back and forth between D and DD. I am much more comfortable in my home without one but I am a slave too. I won’t even entertain the thought of going out without one. Aside from getting in the way, there is the feeling of being less attractive unless they are tucked nicely together at the top of my chest.

AHHH, society and it’s teachings, there is no escaping.

I wear a “wrong size” bra part of the time. My good bras are a size 42DD. They are comfortable, but I kind of feel armor-plated when I am wearing one. I have several comfy stretchy bras that are a size 38C. They do fit–primarily because they are so stretchy. They don’t give a huge amount of support, but they are fine for running to the grocery store, etc.

Many women do wear ill-fitting bras, but I think the “wrong size” thing is a fallacy. It presumes that women wear just one size. This ignores the fact the manufacturers vary widely, and each woman’s individual shape is different.

I’m a 36 DD and I have a heck of a time finding bras that I can afford. My friends can buy cute little bras from lingerie stores, but they never have anything bigger than a C there. Some days I really wish I had a perky little B-cup and could forgo underwire forever. sigh