The twenty percent boob club

I had to get a bra today, many of you will understand that this had the potential to be a Very Bad Experience. However, I have a cute little sundress that I got on mucho sale, and my current industrial-strength bra straps do not look so very fetching peeking out from the corners.

So I caved, and I even asked for help. I even submitted to being measured, something I have never done before. I’ve heard all kinds of stories about being the incorrect size, and I was truly afraid of being told that instead of wearing a DD, I should be wearing an EEE and I would never be able to find a cute bra again in my life.

Here’s the cool part: I already wear the correct bra size! I am one of the 20%, according to the nice lady, who are wearing the correct size when they are fitted.

That is all.

I vary between two sizes, C and D. And, I had myself measured by the lovely lady at Victoria’s Secret to make sure. So, sometimes I fit my bra perfectly and sometimes, I overflow. But, since I hate wearing bras for the most part anyway, if they feel uncomfortable, I go without.

kwijibo should be along to drool shortly… in the meantime…

How you doin’? :wink:

Shameless flirting for post 999. Will my 1,000th get me the girl? :smiley:

Only if her cup(s) runneth over …


It might if she weren’t already married to me.

Should I add a smiley, or just let him sweat?

I know that the fashionistas will string you up for the overflow offense, but I think that it is just about the sexiest thing in the world, no matter what the cup size. I have no idea why.

Is it sexy when just one cup overfloweth? My left boob is a D while my right one is a C. Very irritating. But you can’t tell they’re different sizes when I’m naked, :smiley:

I’m between sizes: “on the high end of B” sayeth the bra-measuring girl. What this means is that I am exploding out of 90% of B’s and not near to filling up 90% of C’s. I hate buying bras… no wait, I hate shopping period.

Once one knows one’s bra size, can one pretty much pick any bra in that size, or does one generally need to do a lot of shopping around to achieve a good fit? Is buying a bra from a catalog a pretty risky affair fit-wise?

I’d say you need to try them on regardless. Bras are all “built” differently, and you need to see how they feel on you. They have differing amounts of support, padding, various angles of straps and panels, amount of “coverage” of the cups and so on. Some don’t have an option to adjust the strap around your back, for instance, and depending on the elasticity of it, one could fit very differently from the other. Some women like a little light padding in the cups to avoid showing nipple outlines. Get the wrong one and you could spend half the day adjusting because of it digging into your ribs, an underwire poking a rib, chest threatening to pop out the top of “demi-cups”, showing your “headlights” because you’re cold and the cups are too thin, and so on.

I can only fill 20% of a cup. Anything smaller isn’t made by Olga, it’s made by Band Aid Brand

That’s got to be difficult, aerodynamically.

I wear a B I think except when it comes to Demi bras. I still haven’t found my size. For those of you that don 't know a Demi bra is a halfshell bra for the breast. It is supposed to be luring.
Instead I fall out of it.


I was one of the 80% who wasn’t wearing the right size bra – I had that “breast spilling out of the top of the bra” look, and it bugged me.

So I mentioned that to the saleswoman at VS, and she did the whole measuring thing. Ack, I wasn’t a C cup, I was a D cup. And that really bothered me. Oh well, at least now all my bras fit better.

What does annoy me though is when a lingerie salesperson will try to tell me that a 38C will fit my 36D self.

Um no it won’t. And yes, I’ve tried but nothing happening.

You see, I’m not 38 around and that C cup is not going to fit me. And for you men playing along at home, the reason anyone would try to sell me that C cup is because D cups aren’t offered in nearly as many cute sexy varieties as the C cup bras. Plus D cup bras generally cost more <sigh>.

That could lure some folks, I would think.

Can I help you back into that thing?

Ditto. Well, I haven’t been sized in years, but I wear a C and the left boob always flows over a little. A little annoying, but at least it’s easier to tell them apart :wink:

And yes, where is Kwyjibo?

Nope. I’d say there’s an upper limit on that cup size for “overflow=sexy”.
Trust me.

I am a 42J. Yes. You saw that correctly.

I canNOT buy off-the shelf bras, unless I get the band size 4 inches LARGER than I need, at a place that sells them in DDD cup-sizes, out of stretchy material, so that I can get them to almost fit.

And after having tried several different bra styles, sizes, etc. I can tell you this:
When someone Of My Size is spilling out of her bra, it doesn’t look sexy, it looks trashy.
Not “sexpot-trashy” either. “Trailer-trashy”, to use a phrase.

Even DogDad, who IS a T&A guy, who DOES like the whole “spilling out” phenomenon, prefers it when I wear one that at least ALMOST fits.
(well, OK, to be completely honest, he prefers it when I don’t wear one at all but I’m sure that’s an image you didn’t need. :wink: )

42 J??? Wow!

Though my bra-buying woes are not nearly as serious as some, my problem is finding an A-cup (I’m a largish A, Bs are always too big) that does not have underwire or extra padding. A light layer of padding is fine, but I don’t WANT the girls to look bigger than they are. I don’t even wear a bra half of the time.

I swore to never wear underwire again. I would go braless under a white semi-transparent shirt before I wear underwire bras again.

I have the same problem as Hello Again. Every time I’m measured at VS, they tell me I’m a different size. And it’s not like I’m measured every three years, giving my body and boobs time to change sizes - I mean, every single time. With different sizes for different bras. No matter what size I’m wearing, apparently I need a different one.

I hate bra shopping. Hate it, hate it, hate it.