What does a police officer have to tell me?

I know what at minimum I have to give him if i get pulled over like my ID, registration, etc. But if i ask him for his name must he give it to me? If i ask for his badge number must he give it to me? If i ask why he pulled over must he tell me or can he not say anything to me and give me a ticket?

As a general rule, unless they are in hot pursuit, my understanding is that police officers must show you their ID if asked to. They are required to positively identify themselves if requested. That doesn’t mean they stop breaking into your home on a raid just because you yelled “Show me some ID!” But at a traffic stop, asking for positive ID is often prudent. They have to tell you why you are getting a ticket, because they have to list it on the ticket.

Yah, good luck with that at 1am. After performing the dancing monkey alcohol test I got a ticket for some obscure bullshit that the officer wouldn’t explain. When I asked what the ticket was for he mumbled that I he would explain it in court. :rolleyes: He didn’t turn the ticket in so basically he made me show up for nothing. Funny guy.

Are you talking about the law or the real world? I’ve seen police officers intentionally hide or obscure their badge number on more than one occasion.

After an accident I didn’t cause, I was ticketed for a traffic offense that the cop refused to explain to me. It was listed on the ticket as a violation of Ordinance No. 380.12 (or whatever; I just made that number up because I don’t remember), but he wouldn’t tell me what ordinance it was that he was citing me for having violated, and as I hadn’t violated any, I couldn’t guess. I had to go to the city building to get a copy of the code. (He cited me for an improper right turn.)

(BTW, I fought the ticket and won. It was the damndest thing ever; if I’d been on the dope at the time it would have been a most entertaining Pit thread.)

At least in Arizona, if an officer issues you a ticket or citation, their name and badge number will be on whatever piece of paper they give you. Police are required to identify themselves as police, but I don’t know of any specific requirement to give you their full name or badge number. If police actually arrest you, then their name and badge number will be on whatever police report they write/call in about the incident.

Police aren’t constitutionally required to tell you anything during a traffic stop. If you ask in a non-confronational manner, I suspect the officer will show you some ID, if you’re a dick about it, this might happen: http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/getcase.pl?court=wi&vol=app2\96-1385&invol=1

You mean the signature that looked like this on the ticket: ~~~–t’. Per my post above, funny guy did everthing possible to be obscure.