What does bubble gum taste like?

No, really. I bought a ten-pack of Bazooka on a whim (the pieces are a little smaller and don’t have those two grooves in them anymore, and the pieces are wrapped in the comics themselves), and I’m wondering what, exactly, makes bubble gum taste like bubble gum?

I mean, it tastes sweet, and pink, and, and, like bubble gum, dammit! Do I detect a hint of banana? In Dubble Bubble, there’s a evanesence (sp) of wintergreen, I think. That’s it, though.

What do you think, dopers, hey?

Much like the “grape” flavoring in “grape” flavored products such as soda, I think the taste of bubblegum is its very own creature.

Cecil says:

Reminds me of a cartoon I saw once, having a lend of wine snobs, something along the lines of:
“Mmmmm! Plummy on the mid-palate, with moderately high tannins, fruit salad aftertaste, peppery bouquet, caramel mouth feel, and… and… just the faintest hint of WINE!”

All I know about bubblegum flavor is that I am so well-indoctrinated into the “don’t swallow your gum” rule that I can’t even swallow bubblegum-flavored things like bubblegum ice cream or bubblegum cough syrup.

I get 'em into my mouth, and I just chew. It’s sad, really.

Far be it from me to disagree with Cecil, but to me it tastes like a weird artificial banana flavor.

FWIW, I’ve bartended before and one drink I made from time to time was called a “Bazooka Joe.” Ingredients were one part each: banana liqueur, blue curacao (which has an orange flavor), and Bailey’s Irish Cream. And it tastes exactly like Bazooka Joe bubblegum. So I put in a vote for banana and orange essences being what gives it the taste.

I shoulda known that the Exalted One would have answered this already. Now that we’ve covered Bazooka and its ilk, what about Dubble Bubble? Doesn’t really taste much like Bazooka, but definitely tastes like bubble gum…

Please forgive a slight hijack:
It tastes like kids’ toothpaste! Of course my kid is confused. I don’t let him have bubble gum, saying it’s bad for his teeth. The same day I tell him he must brush his teeth to take care of them. Here son, use this. Tastes just like Bubblegum!

It might have something to do with whatever makes it pink. I asked at a cotton candy stand once what was in it. I was greeted with two very blank looks. “Uh, sugar.” Then we all looked at the carton of stuff. Sugar,artificial flavors and coloring were all that were listed.

I’ve never equated the taste with any actual fruit. A drink that tasted like bubble gum might short circuit my brain. I also haven’t chewed a piece of real bubble gum in about 20 years. I’m feeling an experiment coming on. . .

Do us a favor and go for a taste test of Bazooka and Dubble Bubble, please, gwendee. And report back. This is important stuff! Vital to this country’s security!

I always thought it had a minty taste to it, but more wintergreen than spearmint. I can also taste the banana, not so much the orange, but I do want to try this drink made by peepthis now to see how much it tastes like Bazooka.

Isn’t it wintergreen? I thought the bubblegum flavour was wintergreen. Isn’t it? I coulda sworn it was. Maybe?