What does cannabis do to the seratonin levels in the brain?

I’ve been taking a variety of drugs to reduce the # of headaches I get. I read this morning that many people think chronic headaches are related to deficient levels of seratonin. It seems to me I’ve heard or read that cannabis effects the levels of some neurotransmitters. Does anyone know if it reduces or increases seratonin levels? xo C.

IIRC, it causes a minor release in seratonin, potentially causing seratonin depletion from chronic use. I don’t have time to look this up right now, if I remember, I’ll check when I get home.

In that event, does a release of serotonin into the synapses mean an increase in the level? Or does it mean that it is being depleted, so that there is a decrease in the level? What I’ve seen in my rudimentary research suggests that seratonin uptake inhibitors might help resolve headaches. And there seems to be some research that indicates that cannabis can effect serotonin uptake, too. But is that good or bad? My own personal research suggests that cannabis is not particularly helpful in either preventing migraines nor in moderating them once they begin. Is there some straight dope on this? xo C.