What does 'DH' mean?

I’ve come across the contraction ‘DH’ a few times now. Always on American websites and seemingly to refer to either a partner or spouse. Can anyone shed light on what DH represents?

The best i can come up with is D’other Half or D’intended Husband.

To most guys, its Designated Hitter; to most girls, its Devoted Husband.

Aha! Light dawns. Thankyou. :slight_smile:

I always figured it was Dear Husband.

I’m a girl, and I always think of it as Designated Hitter. I used to be confused when I read posts where people referred to their husband as DH. I’d think, “If you refer to your husband as the “Designated Hitter,” your marriage has more problems than can be solved on a message board…”

I used to read it as “daughter’s husband,” which led me to believe that a lot of online folks were more dysfunctional than they actual were, until the light finally dawned.

I lived on a Canadian military base in Germany for a few years, and DH, or, more often, D/H was a term used for the civilian husbands of military personnel or civilian base employees. Since my mom was the one hired as a teacher (civilian), my dad was the D/H. It stood for “dependant husband”. I think us kids were D/C, “dependant children”.

In terms of access to the Officer’s Mess and other places/details I’m unfamiliar with, my mom was a “captain”. Though she only had a platoon of kindergarteners to boss around :smiley:

Distraught & harried?

I always thought it meant Darling Husband.

My sister posts on home schooling board, and I’ve read it a few times. I kept running into DS, DD and DH, which seems to make sense if you use Darling.

Domesticated Husband perhaps :confused:

As a guy it always means Designated Hitter to me. On this MB I’ve noticed it’s emergence as the abbreviation for Desperate Housewives. This is the first time I’ve ever heard it used to mean Dear Husband, go figure.

Funny - I had the idea from somewhere that it meant “dear heart”. Which is a rather cute but not implausible term to refer to a spouse. I’m not sure where I got the idea that that’s what it meant.

Don’t Hurry

Die Hard

Death Hurts

Dracula Haunts

Damned hooligan?

Domestic helper?

I briefly toyed a couple of weeks ago with the idea of starting a text file where I come up with a new one every time I see it used in a post here.

I’ve always understood it to mean Dear Husband, but I cannot convince my husband of that. He is convinced all those ladies I talk to are calling their husbands Dick Head.

If I were you, I’d just assume they were all talking about Dina Hmoe.


Diamond Head :smiley:

Lawrence of Arabia

I’ve always read it as “darling husband” too. Well, that’s what mine is anyway!