What does e.coli mean to you?

E. Coli is found in feces, which can contaminate food/water, and infect people. People with poor hand washing skills can spread it, too.

I’d guess it’s because the demand for leafy greens has skyrocketed in the last decade. Years ago, the bad lettuce would have infected people in the county it was grown in, but now, it’s getting shredded, mixed with other heads of lettuce, packed in cellophane bags, and shipped all over the country, to cause outbreaks in several states.

Why didn’t you just say: “How is e. coli infection transmitted?”

Although I worked in pharmaceutical QA/QC for over 10 years
I knew before that e. coli are intestinal flora, and e. coli infection
is transmitted by contact with shit.

I dunno. I just thought of the bacteria, not food poisoning or anything.

e.coli is the reason that I cook my burgers all the way through. Jack-in-the box. 0157. Brr!