What does fluorine smell like?

It smells … like VICTORY!

A little help for your slower readers?

as in smelling napalm in the morning?

I used to work with HF all the time, and it smells like fear itself, like Satan’s own oversanitized hot tub with god knows what excreted into the water. It’s a smell that makes you simply want to give up on life.

So, like beets? What I smelled wasn’t like beets.

You sure that’s not petrichor?
I’ve been pretty close (less than 100 yards or so) from a few lightning strikes, but I never noticed any particular smell (except, perhaps, for one time, when it struck a friend’s house while I was visiting, but even then, I believe it was more like the smell of the roasted components of his TV-set (which, incidentally, went up in a big ball of flame!) than anything else.

There’s no need to get melodramatic about it.

Of course. Handily said.

Eat it.

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