What does 'foil' mean

I’m ordering an item that has to be built, transported, re-built on-site (installed). The quote includes a dollar amount, and the word foil, . . .

I think it might mean the cost includes f-reight, o, i-nstallation, l-abour: but what does the ‘o’ mean? Or am I way off for that acronym?

thanks! Heckity

I remember in algebra: First Outside Inside Last. That’s no help…Sorry.


Yes, I wondered about the first, outside, inside, last - but that didn’t make sense in this instance. Perhaps off-load makes sense. I’ll find out for sure and report back.

Your right, it’s got nothing to do with shipping. In algebra, it is the order for multiplying two binomials.

Here is a list of definitions for the acronym FOIL, pick one:


Is this related to a government contract? Freedom of Information Law?

WAG here could be on-site installation, or overhead (as in includes other costs not mentioned).

Could it possibly be FOB?

Yeah, the only one I know is FOB, free on board, which indicates when (or where) risk transfers from the seller to the purchaser.

I’ve never heard foil…

FOI stands for “Free on Installation,” indicating that transport is included in the price, but installation will cost what it costs; could FOIL stand for “Free on Installation/Labor,” indicating that transport and installation consumables are included in the quoted price, but labor costs for installation are not?

Usually acronymized as FOIA, Freedom of Information Act. “Foy-yah.”

Well it had nothing to do with any of the extra (or included costs) it was actually ‘foil’ as in ‘thermafoil’. I had asked for the cost of the basic cabinetry (wood veneer) and the cost for solid wood. I didn’t realize any high-end piece of furniture could be built with ‘foil’, therefore thought he was giving me the price for the basic cabinet with the attractive value added ‘freight, o, installation, and labour’.

Thanks for your help! note to self: sometimes words are just words and not acronyms