What does "GOP" stand for these days?

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, it was common for devotees of the US Republican Party to have no idea what “GOP” stood for. (Grand Olde Party)

It was also common for non-devotees to sit around drinking coffee and coming up with appropriate descriptors to fill in the gap.

By nearly all accounts, the party has taken a sharp right turn down crazy lane this year, and I haven’t heard any fun new definitions for the olde acronym. So let’s fix that!

Here are a some to start us off:

Gratuitously Offensive Pig-heads

Grievously Ossified Patricians

Gabbling Obdurate Palin-ites

Gross Old Pickles

It was on its way long before this year – early signs included The Tea Party, George W. Bush, Sarah Palin, the increased power of evangelicals, the complete refusal of republicans to work with Obama (to the extent that even when he proposed a supreme court justice, not only did they refuse to approve him, they refused to REJECT him), and the closing of the government. I won’t argue that this year hasn’t been the real capper, because I think you are right about that.

Grandpas On Peyote
Generally Offensive Principles

Gargantuanly Old-fashioned Peevishness

There’s no “E” in old. It’s the Grand Old Party.

Grotesque Old Perverts
Grumpy Obnoxious Pariahs
Greedy Oblivious Patriarchs

Give Obama Problems

God-bothering Obstructionist Plutocrats

Greedy Old Peckerheads

I’m going to move this to the Pit…it just doesn’t fit in very well in the Game Room as it can be seen as a political shot, as amusing or funny as some may see it.

Gratuitously Obstructionist Partisans

Disappointed, but OK. It certainly has turned out that way.

I was hoping some Republicans would turn up for a good-spirited contest, but yeah, not so much.


Gracefully Oblivious Patricians

(Best I can do and still stay true to my Boy Scout pledge.)

grievously obnoxious peckers.

Great orange praisers.

Gung-ho Oligarchy Pursuers

Gratuitously Obnoxious Philistines

Goobers On Parade

Greedy Obstructive Pricks.

Gutless Overprivileged Perverts.

Gerrymander or Perish.