What does IKEA mean? How do Swedes pronounce it?

I found odd definitions in a Google search.
One said it was Swedish for particle board.
Another said it was Norse for maze.
A more believable one said

Some readers might still wonder what IKEA means:
Ingvar Kamprad Elmtaryd Agunnaryd.
Ingvar Kamprad is the founder, he grew up at a farm
called Elmtaryd in a little village called Agunnaryd


Also, how would Swedes pronounce it?

That is correct. You can read more in IKEA usa website. As to pronunciation, well it follows the normal Swedish rules, but I don’t know how to explain that in English.

Well, a Belgian friend of mine pronounces it “ee-KAY-uh”, while I and all the Americans I know say something mroe like “eye-KEE-uh”. Is the Swedish like one of those, or something else?

Having spent most of my free time in one for the last 3 months, I pronounce it “ickier” :slight_smile:

“Ee-KAY-ah” is pretty close.

I think pretty much anyone in the world except Americans would pronounce it correctly: “ee-KAY-ah”

ih-KEY-ah is how everyone I know says it.
Short I, emphasis on KE, A by itsself.

Most of the english speakers I know say eye-KEY-ah

Mmmm IKEA.

Ee-KAY-ah in Sweden is close though the ‘Ee’ can sometimes sound as though there’s a short ‘j’ before the ‘Ee’

It’s E-Kay-Ah in France

In Germany we also come quite close to the Swedish original (at least compared to English pronouciation).

Do the Finns pronouce it like it was a Finnish word? Stress on I, and slight stress on A? I-ke-A… my guess is: yes!

I believe the Swedes pronounce it “muhn-ee-MAY-ker.”