What does it mean something will be "reported until 3/2009" on my credit report?

I pulled a copy of my credit report and found a surprise.

I had a credit card with about $300 on it several years ago. I moved for some reason they never forwarded the bills. I didn’t use the card, but didn’t make the payments either. No excuse. I am generally unorganized and handle my bills poorly. Pulling my credit is part of me trying to do better, so please no judgements.

The debt is now $1,947 due to fees and interest. But beside each item there was a “reported until” date. This item said “Reported until 3/2009”.

My question is, what happens on 3/2009? Will it fall off of my credit, thus improving it?

Yes, bad information is only reported for a ceratin amount of time, 7 years I believe. Expect a call from debt collectors between now and 3/2009 trying to scare you into paying the debt. (See this thread)

I’m bumping this because there seems to be more to it. I have been pulling my free credit reports faithfully and have noticed the same thing, although in regards to accounts that are completely non-delinquent, up-to-date, and/or closed with no balance. It seems to be completely arbitrary: a credit card, a home equity loan, a car loan, etc… all of these seem to have strange, arbitrary, “will be reported until” dates, some of which go well beyond the 7 years.

And on a related note, I’ve had some items (again, NOT negative items) appear for well over seven years now. I had a home equity loan that was paid off in 1997, and it has been appearing, and has appeared, on my most recent report.

Is it pretty much up to the institution how long to report?

drpepper, I too have been doing my recent credit report research (annualcreditreport.com for my free copies, and myfico.com to pay for my three scores).

Each company reports your credit differently, which is why you have to go through the trouble of getting each report and comparing them.

For instance, the only blemish I have on my credit is a March 2002 missed payment for 30+ days on an old student loan. It shows up on my Experian and Equifax reports, but not on my TransUnion report. Experian says that this blemish will be gone in March 2009, seven years after it was first noted (yay).

As for items that appear on you credit report that are not negative-- that is perfectly normal. My reports show a number of accounts that I long ago paid off (like car loans), consolidated (in the case of my student loans), or closed (store credit cards I no longer wanted open). The trick to each of those is to look closely at the “Status” line-- for each of those accounts, it should read “Paid”, “Closed” or some variation thereof.

Personally, I find the Equifax report to be the most user friendly in this regard-- it clearly delineates between “Open” and “Closed” accounts, and separates them by type: mortgage, installment, revolving, etc. But again, you’ll need all three reports to have a balanced appreciation of your credit history and status.

The Fair Credit Reporting act limits the reporting of certain events that are generally considered derogatory:


Reporting of current accounts and other non-derogatory information isn’t regulated.