What does it take for caulk to dry/cure?

I need to recaulk a shower enclosure.

Unfortunately, the showerhead has a leak, and the water from this leak is enough to keep the floor and midway up the sides of the shower enclosure wet. I tried putting in a bucket to catch the water overnight, but found that this still left the floor and sides of the shower enclosure damp-- water droplets splash out of the bucket.

My understanding is that caulk needs to be dry for about two days for it to dry or set up properly. Can you all think of any way to set things up so that I can successfully recaulk the shower enclosure without having to fix the leak?

Turn off the water supply and go away for the weekend.

That…would work, but unfortunately we have housemates and I doubt they would appreciate it.

They make a tub caulk “shower ready in 3 hours”. I think GE makes it.