What does KAJ stand for?

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Am drinking a bottle of Berghoff Traditional Bock. Not horrible, but not great either. For a bock it’s rather disappointing.

On the neck label there are upper case letters KAJ in a rectangle box.


You’re in Wisconsin. In Wisconsin there is only one bock and that bock is New Glarus Uff-Da Bock. One of my favorite bocks in the world.

Any possibility that it is related to the Croatian variety: KAJ?

(It seems unlikeky–at least since I do not associate bocks with more bitter beers–and I do not assocaite Wisconsin with a Croatian immigrant settlement, but it might be a place to start.)

Oh, and I did take a look around. Couldn’t find anything at Google and Berghoffbeer.com is under construction, but I bet if you went to theberghoff.com or berghoff.com you could email them and find out. My other suggestion would be to register at beeradvocate.com and ask them, but I bet asking the people with the last name Berghoff will get you the best answer.

Kahal Adath Jeshurun. It is a seal of Rabbinical Supervision i.e. it’s kosher.

Yup! According to THIS that’s it! Thanks!:slight_smile:

I’ve not had New Glarus Uff-Da Bock…YET!:wink: I like some of their offerings, dislike others.
But if it bothers you read my review. The Berghoff stuff doesn’t get a real high score from me. My favorite bocks come directly from das Deutschland!

Of all the bocks I’ve tried, New Glarus is far and away my favorite with Optimator (I know, a dopplebock, but still) a close second. New Glarus is done making it for now, but I might still have a six pack or two in my store.

I gave Optimator 3.8 out of 5 points.

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