What does Karl Malone say at the foul line?

Any time there is a front shot of him at the foul line, Malone says some sort of mantra before taking his shot. Anybody know what it is? Web search wasn’t any help.

“John Stockton is an overrated prick”

Karl says its not always consistent.


I thought maybe it might be: “Well, now that I’ve prostituted myself to Satan’s team, I’d better win a ring.”

“Hey kid, this Karl Malone urging you to conserve water. If it’s yellow, it’s mellow, if it’s brown flush it down.”

“Ya beanie baby bitch!”

ball up, butt down, arm through the tube, elbow in the cup, wave bye, bye.


Maybe this is a question more for ATMB, but it would seem trivially easy as an Admin to lock all threads with last post dates older than 90 days. Not helpful for the current batch of zombie threads, but it would stop anymore of them from popping up.

That, or just not care when someone rezzzs one of these threads.

Whether it’s possible or not, it isn’t something we want to do.

Every so often, there’s a completely awesome zombie resurrection; the “how do Jewish prisoners do behind bars” thread in GQ had a good one come up; I think there have been cases of celebrities or their friends posting the actual answers to long threads of pointless speculation; et cetera.