What does laudenam taste like?

I’m interested to know the particular flavor(s) one detects when tasting it*. Is it numbing to the tongue? If so, does it occur immediately? What dosage would be high enough to kill a six year-old? What might a child think about the taste of it?

I could find no Wiki entries or anything pertaining to my question on Google.
*Research for a story

Or maybe if I spelled it right, I’d have found more information on it. :smack:

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Try “laudenum”. "Bitter" is the main taste note.

Is there a market for stories featuring poisoning six year olds? I’ve heard of child jeopardy, but :eek: !

Great user name post match! Opioids all taste pretty horrible afaik. In laudanum they seem to ghave used herbs and sugar which may have masked the taste a little.

My Grandad told me when he was a little boy, his hop-picking mother gave him Laudanum on the advice of a gipsy (foolish choice).

She gave him a little too much, and he apparently slept for three days.

It may have lost a little truth/been exaggerated after all these years, though.



Either is acceptable, but laudanum is more common.

Dude, what do you taste like?

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It tastes absolutely foul. It’s not numbing, it’s hard to describe…it’s just foul…extremely bitter. It is measured with a dropper, my friend’s doctor suggested trying to use the dropper to bypass the taste buds. It’s really foul, kids won’t like that.

It is rarely prescribed these days and when it is it is called “tincture of opium”

It was prescribed to me for diarrhea once when I was a kid. To my nine-year-old sensibilities, it tasted like bananas that had been rolled in dirt.

Like butter melted into chocolate and tinted with eucalyptus.
I’m surprised it’s given to children, if you read Confessions of an English opium-eater by Thomas De Quincey, it doesn’t seem safe, even if the legal stuff would be weaker.

It tastes like … victory.

“…need answer fast!”

For me, it was prescribed as Paregoric, or tincture of opium. This was about 40 years ago.

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