What does legalize drugs mean?

I am NOT starting a debate about this. I’m sure it’s been argued to death here. My question is simple, the answer may not be. HOW will drugs be legalized according to those who advocate it? That is, will one be able to go the local 7-11 or liquor store & say, "I’ll have a liter of J&B & a small bag of cocaine please, or Valium, or Methadone ,etc. " Or will the drugs,(then the only change is cocaine), be available from your local doc & then off to the drug store you go with the prescription. BTW, I know cocaine used to be available w/ a scrip, not so anymore, I don’t think. Also, heroin I don’t think is in the equation either, but I may be wrong.

I would think that one could buy joints at a 7-Eleven. I would also think that any other drugs could be carried by whoever wanted to carry them, so long as they carded people for them, which brings up another question. 18? 21? 25? What kind of age limit (if any) should be applied?

Agree about MJ, but that’s almost legal now. In Cal, just $100 ticket for smoking in front of a cop. about like jaywalking. The age would be 21-the universal age in US for alcohol.

I was really asking basically-at a liquor store/drug store w/just money. or would a scrip be needed?

All good questions. As an advocate of marijuana legalization (no, I am NOT a user lol) the way I see it is this. Joe, Bob, Jim, or whoever will go to the corner drug store, 7-11, or convienence store and buy no more then a certain, legal amount. (That amount yet to be decided upon.) I believe that the legal age should be somewhere between 18 and 21. MJ will also be available by scrip, should that be the only way that some people want to go about it. (Keeping option open.) :slight_smile:

I would allow them to be sold by any retailer, but with severe penalties for selling to minors (under 18). Yes, that is more liberal than the sale of alcohol, but I would change that to match.

it means the lilly f white company and friends might have to go on a long vacation.

Is cocaine in the equation too? & what about the speed, sleeping pills, & tranquilizers that now require a scrip? BTW, cannibis is now available by scrip (Marinol),in a pill. This is on a state by state basis. & what about real narcotics-Dilaudid,morphine etc. All who talk about legalizing drugs have no details,or do they? I mean driving & flying is legal, but not laissez-faire.

I would assume the process will follow the pattern established for alcohol sales in your state. In many states, you’d have to go to the state liquor store. In some, you will buy bales at Costco.

States will determine age limits, and if the federal government doesn’t agree, they’ll develop “model” legislation and coerce its adoption through highway funds.

You’ll see the development and marketing of brands (although I doubt we’d have actual advertising given the trend in cigarette ads). Products would be labelled with the percentage of active ingredients as beer, wine, and liquor are now.

Industry groups would form, trade shows held…all the trappings of legal commerce.

I’m only very cautiously in favour of legalisation of some drugs. While I have no problems with marijuana being legalised, and being treated the same as tobacco is, with harder drugs I’d like to see a policy of harm-minimisation. I’d hate to see the cigarette companies marketing heroin, for instance.

(That cool smack taste… couldn’t you do with a Camel H?)

That said, for hard, addictive drugs, like Heroin, I’d like to see them available to be legally purchased by addicts - maybe with a doctor’s prescription. At least this would go some way toward destroying the black market.

What I am certain of is that it’s not an easy problem to solve but there’s got to be better ways for us to deal with it than we are now.