What does one do with unused syringes and medication?

I had been treating my sick cat with weekly shots of an anabolic steroid but he passed away on the 8th. I have a box of about 50 unused syringes (with needles) left over and 8 unopened vials of the steroid he was on.

I hate the thought of this stuff going to waste but I don’t know what to do with them. Are veterinary offices or huimane societies allowed to take them as donations? If I can’t donate these things then that’s about $200 down the crapper.

By the way, I’m not aware, in my hometown, of any kind of drug clinic that would take these needles to give away to addicts.

Why don’t you call the vet who gave you the meds, and ask? He’d know.

not meaning to be unhelpful, but seems to me that’s the fastest way to find out, rather than waiting for a GQ answer…

Places like pasadosafehaven.org accept left-over meds. I mailed them some medication my dog couldn’t use. Google some local rescue places, is my advice.

Anabolic steroids, eh? Just take 'em to your nearest professional baseball team. I’m sure they’d accept “donations.”

Oh, and sorry to hear about your cat passing away :(.

Most communities have needle and medication drops somewhere. Call your county health department, and if they aren’t in charge of it (usually they are) they will know who is.

Also whoever it is that handles your trash will know how and where to dispose of the used needles.

I might call local shelters/rescue groups/vets to see if anyone would use the unused drugs. If nothing else those groups can probably tell you how to dispose of the drugs.

There are almost certainly special requirements to disposing of the used needles though. Please check - it causes your garbage man unnecessary heart failure to see loose used needles in the trash. Particularly if he finds them the hard way.

My vet is closed today and I was in one of those “I want instant answers” modes. I’m not going to lie, I feel uncomfortable having all of those steroids around the house since my community has a HUGE problem right now with high school and college athletes using them. I don’t have any used needles to get rid of and the unused ones are wrapped individually in a sterile package and have plastic lids on the actual needle. So even if I had to throw them away, I wouldn’t have to worry about the sanitation guys having a coronary.

I forgot my one friend works occassionally at the humane society so I will ask him if they can use them. At least the needles if nothing else.

Too bad I’m not more criminally oriented, I’m sure I could make a killing selling the stuff to the kids at the local prep school. But alas, I’m too much into an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work. I’ll check with my vet tomorrow morning. Thanks for the help gang!

I am sure any shelter that also provides even basic animal care would love the syringes. The steroids, not sure about. Your vet would probably take everything back but if he’s not going to give a refund, I personally would rather give them to a shelter that needs supplies.

You’re not in Boston by any chance, are you?

I got the steroids from the pharmacy so naturally there is no returning them there. I’m going to check with the shelters first then my vet.

No, not Boston. I live in NW Ohio.

The groups that go to the Third World accept any and all donations of over dated drugs etc. I’m sure the animal shelters and rescue groups would do so also. You may have to look around a bit but a $200 gift would be well received.

Damn, I never thought of that. Excellent idea. Thanks to you all for the suggestions. I feel better now that these things most likely will not go to waste.