What Does Postum Taste Like?

While looking for alternatives I found Postum in the coffee aisle. Is it any good? It says it is an decaffinated (which is what I am looking for) grain beverage.

It can’t taste like coffee but a small jar of it was $6.00. I know that ain’t a lot of money but still if anyone’s used it let me know what you think of it.

What do you put like cream and sugar in it? I’m surprised Starbucks didn’t at least try to serve it.


Postum was the coffee substitute during WW II; my Mom used to enjoy it from time to time, mostly for nostalgic reasons though, I think. I remember tasting it once or twice - it tasted pretty bad to me. It may be an acquired taste. But my first impression was that it was only popular during WW II because it was all there was. LOL

My opinion only - YMMV.

It tastes Kinda like coffee. Heavy on a roasted taste. Introduced as a coffee
substitute when coffee was scarce/expensive.

Starbucks-Postum Latte… :eek:

"Waiter, if this is Tea, I ordered Coffee. If this is Coffee, May I have tea?

My grandparents used it during the war, my folks chose to reuse the coffee grounds when things were tight, that should tell you something. I seem to recall that my grandfather continued to use it after the war, so maybe it’s an acquired taste. Yes you can put sugar and cream in it, just like coffee or tea.
I’ve tasted it. If you can imagine roasted grain, steeped in hot water, tastes like, you’ve got a fair idea.
I think it’s pretty bad, but I’d have to be in very dire straights before I’d even drink instant coffee, of any kind.

Heh, I thought the thread was titled, “What does Possum taste like?”. I was gonna say, “Chicken”.

Postum tastes like sadness. Sadness and chicory.

I once tried something similar – it was another “roasted grain beverage” alternative to coffee whose name escapes me. It was rather unpleasant and remeniscent of coffee only in that it was dark brown and hot. Apart from that, it tasted like it had been rescued from a brush fire and mixed with a little hay and flax.

Me too! LOL! :smiley:

Mr. S says it tastes like Ovaltine without the chocolate.

Me three, and I was about to start ranting about all of the mistypings on the forum lately.

There have been more than usual lately, right? It’s not just me?


Do you bear up or flare up?

This Postum ad is among the strangest I’ve ever seen.

I thought it said “What does Poison taste like?” and wondered that it hadn’t gotten zero replies.

I had a housemate who drank Postum every day. He was an older guy so he must have developed the habit years before. I was never tempted to try it.

I started drinking Postum a while ago. I was under a lot of stress at work and having problems with panic attacks, so I looked around for a non-caffeinated drink to fill the hot-brown-beverage gap left by going off coffee. It’s a taste that grows on you. The closest I can describe it is as a sort a liquid burned toast with a hint of molasses flavor. It’s much better than it sounds, and I actually drink it by choice now.

Me three! Only, I was gonna say, “Go ask Granny Clampett.”

I got Postum hot as a small child after winter play. Wasn’t too bad, but I much preferred Ovaltine.
No, I am not old enough to be your dad. Unless you’re, like, sixteen.

I had Postum. ONCE. At my girlfriend’s 90 year old grandma’s house. Cause she didn’t have coffee.
I think the best way to describe the taste is hot, liquid Wheat Chex. I stand behind the accuracy of that analogy.

Old recipe for possum.

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Carrie Blanchard says “Men have always been partial to my Postum”
Of course they have dear, of course they have…

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