What does Rupert Murdoch own?

I’ve been searching this site and Google, but I can’t find a reliable or definitive source that sets out all the companies (and subsidiaries) that Rupert Murdoch owns. Presumably this is a matter of public record, but not necessarily the sort of information that Murdoch or Fox are going to wear on their sleeves.

Any ideas, or suggestions where to search, would be very welcome.


This is kind of on-the-sleeve.

You could be pedantic and say Rupert Murdoch owns “only” a controlling interest in Cruden Investments, the Murdoch family’s private company that, through a highly complex mix of ordinary, preference and convertable securities, owns a controlling interest in News Corp.

For details of the companies owned by News Corp, the annual report linked by jjimm would be definitive, though possibly not to the detail you are seeking.

I recommend the paperback Virtual Murdoch by Neil Chenoweth as a fairly good, if unexciting, history of Murdoch’s corporate dealings until very recently.