What does satan get for Christmas?

And the Pope? What does he get? Is it kinda like corporate titans who are natural enemies but take a break from their animosities at Christmas? Has the Pope ever issued an encyclical that says that Santa Claus is idolatry? I can see Santa firing back a terse retort; “I’m the Man! Who comes through every year end? The Fat man! 'at’s right!” Does Santa fly his sleigh over the Vatican and instruct Rudolph and his fellow ruminants to void their bowels, leaving th Popester nothing but steaming reindeer poop and the echo of a Bronx cheer?
And why do we cease to believe in Santa? Isn’t the whole Christmas thing just as plausible as heaven and the gray haired bearded dude in an ethereal gilded LAz-y-boy?

I thought about locking this one off, but I’ve just gotta see which direction it goes. :slight_smile:

A 400-lb. gorilla? (from the joke “…anywhere he wants to”)

Drain Bead

Satan gets coal. Lots and lots of coal. That hellfire doesn’t burn all by itself, you know.

You know, you have a point here.
I’m about as likely to believe in a fat guy flying through the air pulled by reindeer as I am to believe in virgin birth and heaven.