what does Spotify do that Pandora doesn't?

I’m an off-and-on Pandora user, and when Spotify released a WP8 app I thought I’d give it a try. after installing the desktop app on Windows, I’m not sure what to do with it. I see it found my music library (and god help them if it messed up any of my tags) but other than the radio portion which suggested me an artist I can’t stand, I’m lost. Any pointers?

I mostly use it to build my own playlist. Also, once you get your radio calibrated you can then listen to the same song a million times in a row, if you so choose.

Type in artist you like’s name. Go to artist’s page. Listen to artist’s albums and songs.

You can listen to a complete album instead of having the software pick what to hear next.

I’m quite clueless, but that does sound cool. So, basically, if you have an internet connection, you have all the music in the world(so to speak) at your fingertips? Free?

All the songs of musicians who’ve licensed their songs to Spotify, anyway.


If you pay for the mobile version, it also lets you store playlists for offline listening.

There’s also Rdio and MOG, if you’re looking to compare services. All broadly similar. The paid versions are a steal.

I use Pandora and my own MP3’s. My wife uses Myspace, which relaunched recently as a music site.

Anyone else like the new myspace? My life loves it.

I use Rhapsody for $10 a month. So much more music than I could ever afford to buy.

Here, have a chart that compares the two

so, basically little other than Facebook integration which is completely worthless to me.

You might want to go back and re-read. They’re fundamentally different and have few features in common.

IME, Pandora does not understand the concept of ‘genre’. If you request a genre radio station, it just plays whatever the fuck wanders by.

Spotify does not have this issue.

Dude, what? I don’t even use Spotify and I can tell the difference now. Whahuh?


They’re both exactly the same to me: “Not available in your country.”

LeaffanTry rdio

Hey thanks.

Can you use last.fm?

Not sure. I’m on the road with a work laptop at the moment. It looks like I need to download an app, which I’m reluctant to do.