What does the abbreviation ETA stand for?

I thought it was Erik the Awful…

Enter The Arena.

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@CookingWithGas – Did you save any other of the old board emoticons? The old roll-eyes was better too. All of them were, actually. (The really old old roll-eyes was even better still.)

I’ve been linking the face-palm from Giraffeboard, which Giraffe himself seemed okay with, but some other users here expressed some objections.

No, that’s the only one. I didn’t copy it to archive it in anticipation of it going away, I grabbed it because that’s the only one I’d ever seen and I used it on other boards.

In one of the many previous threads & posts about Discourse’s icons somebody had a link to the factory standard icons provided by vBulletin from whichever source one downloads vBulletin itself to install. I don’t have time to search it up now, but that info is on here somewhere.

That’s a new one to me. I don’t think I’ve seen NETA yet. I usually just write "missed edit " (or at least I thought I did, but a search is not showing anything. Maybe I use a different phrase.) Hey, there we go, we can do MEW for “missed edit window.” Let’s abbreviate and acronymize the hell out of everything! (I’m reading through a counseling-type book and I swear to Og it feels like every fifth word is an acronym or initialism.)

Extra Testicle Anomaly

I thought the “facepalm” icon was a SDMB custom icon created by one of the users here.

As for ETA: When I miss an edit window and thus need to make a new post to add to the previous post, I just use the ETA acronym even though it’s in a separate post. I trust that everyone will understand.

I use “Late add” or “Hit send too soon” as my leader for follow-on posts. But I’d certainly get your intent w ETA in the same spot.

Just think of it as “excuse the attitude” and this board is so much more polite.

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