What does the G in Maynard G. Krebs stand for?


Seriously, I have no idea and inquiring minds really want to know.

According to the IMDB:

Interesting, actually. The Romance forms of the name “Walter” begin with “G” because words don’t begin with a “w” sound in those languages. “Galterio” is Italian for “Walter” and “Galtero” is Spanish. “Gaultier” is French.

Caution Link shows pro rassler in his work uniform: Wrestling tights and no shirt.

This is sorta like late pro rassler Rufus R. Jones. He would say, "The name is Rufus Aruh Jones–and the “aruh” stands for “guts!”

So you’re saying it did not stand for “Gilligan”?

He was cousin to Zelda!

OK, I made it up, but I bet I could’ve made someone here believe it.

What was Jughead Jones’ middle initial?

What did stand for?
What was “Slip” Mahoney’s middle name? (Trick question)

I was nuts for Zelda.

Zelda doesn’t like nuts…


You’re a riot, you are. A riot.

Isn’t it “Gualterio”?

Probably. The baby name site that I checked to make sure my vague memory was correct had it the way I spelled it, but the reliability of random webpages is notoriously iffy, so that very well may be the correct spelling.