What does the rat symbolize in Banksy's work?

Banksy uses rats in several works.

Google Banksy rat for many examples. Image has several, gangster rat, radar rat, rat girl etc. Banksy likes drawing them.

I’m out of bed is my favorite.

He’s not American and I think I’m missing something in his work.

The only connection that I know is horrible and racist against the Jewish people.

What is Banksy symbolizing?

It’s an anagram for “art”. Is your mind sufficiently blown?

A rat is a rat is a rat.

Rats are universally loathed and feared. I’m dealing with one now in my house. I have traps everywhere.

Seems likely that Banksy is symbolizing or parodying something.

Anyhow, they are thought provoking images.

You loathe and fear them. Some keep them around as adorable pets. [Is your mind sufficiently blown? :slight_smile: ]

Tell that to my wife. :wink:

I just thought maybe there was a European reference that I missed.

Never hurts to ask.

A rat is a rat is a rat. Except when it’s not.

“The rat symbolizes obviousness” - Ralph Wiggum


Banksy’s identity isn’t known.

His street work began in the Bristol underground scene. I’d guess he’s British.

Some cartoonists use a little rat or beastie across their work which voices the common person while all of the action is happening front of frame. If the analogy holds, the rat contributes moral perspective.

Banksy uses them because his primary influence uses them. And Riemann was correct:

It would make sense that a street artist working in dark spaces like alleys at night would identify with rats.

Thank you. I had wondered about this for several years.

Sometimes a rat is just a rat.

There’s strong evidence he’s Robin Gunningham.