What does this phrase mean

On the 2nd CD of the Guns n’ Roses “Live Years” album set, Axl is talking to the audience and says somethign along the lines of ". . .when you have nothing better to do than commit Harry Carey. . . " I don’t know what that means or if I even spelled it right. A little help?

‘Hari Kari’ is a Far eastern phrase meaning to commit suicide, usually disembowelling yourself with a ceremonial sword.

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I’ll admit I haven’t heard the CD, but I’d guess he’s talking about Hari Kari, where you disembowel yourself with a sword.

And, according to Mirriam-Webster , “Hari Kari” is a variant of “Hara Kiri”, plus it gives a basic definition as well.

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It’s “hari kari”. It’s a japanese word for the ritual suicide which is the last resort of a defeated samuri.

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My Japanese culture professor in college assured the class that anyone who would actually do this act would refer to it as suppuku.

Maybe the OP was spelling it the right way, and the song writer was idly considering sending a baseball announcer to the insane asylum …

As the linked page should make obvious, I meant to spell that seppuku.

The real way of saying it (besides seppuku) is hara kiri, which literally means “cutting your stomach”. I guess it evolved into hari kari because the rhyming makes it easier to say and remember.

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…got the answer, everyone!! It’s hari-kiri, and it’s a type of ceremoni–



Or it could mean acting like a certain late Chicago Cubs announcer. (E.g., getting totally sloshed by the 7th inning stretch.)