What Does This Phrase Mean?

(In response to a hypothetical on if they were struck):

Struck? Usually it means they’d do prison time without a moment’s hesitation for ____________ (example: a night with some person of choice / to be rich beyond their wildest dreams / whatever).

So it means basically “I’d be willing to go to prison?” but in the sense of because he/she did something to provoke the person or because he/she would beat up the other person?

Or do straight time rather than accept a deal with lengthy and very restrictive probation terms (and maybe a fine).

Native speaker of American English here.

Basically, I interpret it to mean that, if they were struck, they would commit an offense in retaliation, and, when in jail/prison for the offense, would be unrepentant, believing that the sentence was worth it to be able to get revenge/retribution.

The actual offense the person would commit is unclear, but is probably somewhere between basic assault and murder, inclusive.

Could you clarify? Do you mean struck as in getting a strike (conviction) or actually getting physically struck?