What does this say about my SO and me?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot, and it seems meaningful, but who knows?

We were listening to some VERY traditional Eastern music. This was the first time we’d heard this piece. We both opened our mouths and at the same time,

he said “That’s so exotic”
and I said"That’s so homey"

I mean literally at the same moment, so the words exotic and homey overlapped.

Does this mean anything?

That you’re familiar with Eastern music and he’s not?

…that there’s a culture gap between you that will enhance some experiences and get in the way of others, and not matter in many others. Tread lightly and carefully.


Elenia - What do you think it means?

Personally, I think it simply means you are both individuals. That you think the same yet differently. It certainly does not mean you are not meant for one another.

If that would have happened to me and my spouse it would be because, I was thinking dirty thoughts about her and wanted to jump herr bones, and she was thinking cozy thoughts and wanted to cuddle.

You should have jumped his bones and cuddled after. :slight_smile:

That East European music is somehow similar to subcontinental music and your boyfriend’s unfamiliar with both? Otherwise, I don’t think it says anything.

Well ultrafilter, I kind of got that one on my own. It was just the strangeness of the moment, the way we reacted so strongly and in opposite ways to the same thing.

Have to admit, some good answers though.

Not that this is new or something we haven’t dealt with, but this is beautifully put, Vlad, and very apt. Thanks.

How do you know we didn’t? :wink:

Well, if you did you now have code words for getting it on to use around family, kids, etc. :slight_smile:

Well we have no kids, and probably never will, so that’s not likely to be a worry.

Awww, shucks. :o

Let me put my psychic hat on. Um lets see, I think it means you are Indian and your boyfriend is Chinese.

Maybe I read that somewhere