What does TRUMP stand for?

Twerp Ran…Uh-oh…[this] Man’s President??

The Racist Unqualified Manboy President

Too Rich to Understand My Problems

Working on another one, too.

Anything to contribute to this thread, or just the urge to insult?

Tyranny Reigns Unless Multitudes Protest.

The Republican Upset Minority President

Nah, it’s Clothy, nobody pays him any mind. He’s like the uncle at family gatherings who sits off to the side, interjecting rational conversations with meaningless twaddle. And like that uncle, we put up with Clothy because even though he’s boring, tedious and sometimes belligerent, he’s OUR boring and (sometimes) belligerent virtual relative.


The Rapist U Made Prez ?

It depends on what he thinks his audience will fall for.

Also: Thick-headed Repulsive Unqualified Misogynistic Pretender.

Tweets Randomly. Utterly Missing Plans.

Truthiness Reduced Umpteen Million Percent

Totally Repugnant Unstable MentallyChallenged President

The Russian Underhanded Master Plan

Takes Real Umbrage Most Pissily

OK, let’s avoid making personal comments about other posters in this thread.

No warning issued.

To Really Understand My Personali…Ooo, something shiny.

Tyrant Radically Undermines Moderate Policies
The Right Utilizes Moronic Populism
This Retard Unqualified Moron President

Change that to “Unsurprisingly” and you’ve got an accurate one.

‘absolutely nothin’

Terrifying Readhead Unbelievably Misnamed President