What does TRUMP stand for?

No, not the man himself, the letters in his name. After Obama was elected, you saw if everywhere “One big ass mistake, America”. I’ve decided that we need a similar acronym for Trump but hang me if I can think of one.

Knock yourselves out. It could be fun.

President of the United States of America

More an IMHO thing, really. Maybe the Pit, God knows, but I have a charitable nature.

Tyrant Rabidly Underwriting Malevolent Policies

Tamer Republicans Upset (by) Misogynistic Parading

The Repulsive Unashamed Moron President

Yeah, come on folks, most of you can do better than my feeble attempts.


I never saw it anywhere. First I’ve ever heard of it.

It was added to Urban Dictionary Sept 25, 2009

And a crapload of t-shirt/gift sites. T-shirts, bumper stickers, mugs and such.

ETA: First I heard of it, too.

Tycoon Reprobate Unashamedly Molests Pussies

Donald John Drumpf in American ASCII computer code is 666.

Piles of

Now I’m really scared.

Treasonous Republican Usurps 'Merican Presidency

Total Reprobate Unexpectedly Mismanages Presidency (Onion Headline??)



The Russians’ Usual Moneyed Pick.

There’s a man in Southern Indiana who had a huge sign with this painted on it. He put it up after Obama’s first election. I used to pass it every morning on the way to work.

To Russia, Under Mr. Putin

Nice one! I was thinking the R would stand for Russia.

To go with this, I saw a bumper sticker which said…

Make Russia Great Again

Actually, president-elect.

Or more appropriately, minority-president elect.

And feeble they were indeed.

The Racist Unapologetically Misogynistic President

The Republicans Underestimated Mr. Pussy-grabber.

Try Russia, Under My Plans.

Totally Rationalizing Unlimited Mashing of Pussy