What does the acronym ACORN stand for?

If I hear one more person regurgitate the latest Republican talking points about ACORN, I am going to give them a Dirty Sanchez, only I will use the cheese between Rosie O’Donnell’s thighs.

Converation this morning:

HER - “How can you have an Obama sign in your yard. Haven’t you heard about his ties to ACORN?”

ME - “What does USA stand for?”

HER - “The United Stated of America”

ME - “What does GOP stand for?”

HER - “The Grand Old Party”

ME - "What does ACORN stand for?

HER - “I don’t know, it’s just their name.”

ME - “No - it’s an acronym. What does it stand for?”

HER - “I don’t know, but they’re corrupt and they are giving kickbacks to Obama”

ME - “So all you have learned about them you learned from …Fox News and Rush?”

HER - “Well…besides that, they’re CORRUPT!”

ME - :dubious:
Is there a “stab yourself in the ear with an ice-pick” smiley? I don’t think I can make it until election day.

I wonder when “community” and “organization” became such ugly words in people’s minds? What do they think a PTA is? A church? the Senate?

When did the GOP get so dummied down? Why don’t the more intelligent members of the party do something about it? Do they want this to be the reputation of their party?


Some tool from the Wall Street Journal editorial board was on Bill Maher’s show the other night, and he brought up the same bullshit about ACORN – and also didn’t know what the acronym stood for.

(Since the answer should probably appear somewhere in the thread, it’s “Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now”, which sounds like mainstream American-values stuff to me. I guess they wanted the acronym for the image of little acorns growing into might oaks.)

[=22383&tx_ttnews[backPid]=12340&cHash=ef14f35f55"]This](http://www.acorn.org/index.php?id=12439&tx_ttnews[tt_news) is a really good press release that explains a lot of facts about the “voter fraud” issue. Making some of these points when talking to mud-slinging idiots might be useful.

Smearing ACORN is all just part of the GOP’s traditional Stamp Out the Vote efforts, which they especially use to target the low income and minority communities where ACORN works.

That’s rich. ACORN is the “victim”, now. And I suppose that if Barry manages to lose the election (unlikely, at this point), he’ll be painted as a “victim” too.

ACORN must have access to some really good drugs, and they’re not sharing them with the rest of us. That ain’t cool.

Yes, because all Obama supporters read the NYT, WSJ, London Times, and Washington Post daily, and they watch god’s own newscast after dinner every night. :rolleyes:

ACORN isn’t so much the “victim,” as the “target” in the Outrage Of The Week sweepstakes. The news cycle is done, this one didn’t work either, the public has outrage fatigue, they aren’t listening the shrill bellicose nattering nabobs of the right anymore, what a pity, thanks for playing though.

Oh look, another thread about ACORN where conservatives can make asses of themselves and then run away.

ACORN themselves claim to be a victim. Typical leftist nonsense, that. Everyone’s a victim, waaa waaa waaa.

Oh, not really. To steal a line from St. Robert of Hibbing, “Some of us are prisoners, the rest of us are guards.”

Oh, yes really. According to your pals at ACORN:

But that’s EVERY political thread!

You have to be pretty cowardly to be so afraid of the most basically helpless group of people in the country, the poor. The inner-city poor, who are the people that ACORN tries to get involved in their own birthright (American government, for those conservatives playing along at home…it’s okay, we know you’re a little slow when it comes to civic responsibility and such). Republicans always do better when voter turnout is low. Which is why they try so hard to make sure that it’s HARD to vote. Republican secretaries-of-state make sure majority black/majority poor districts only get a few voting machines, so that lines will be long and people will just give up or maybe can’t stand in line that long because they’re not in the best of health. Republican state parties challenge voters on caging lists, so that veterans who aren’t home because they’re risking their lives in Iraq or Afghanistan are sent registered letters, which of course aren’t received and are used as evidence that they no longer live in that address and have their registrations purged.

It’s disgusting. I’m looking forward to seeing the Republican party completely shut down on Nov. 4, so they can step back and take a long, sober look at what they’ve become in the last dozen years or so, and maybe make some necessary changes. You know, growing a heart, ditching the greedheads…that kind of thing.

Yes really.

Is it that hard to find out the facts before you go swinging that humongous 'tude around? I don’t live in the US so the issue doesn’t directly affect me, but even I managed to take the all of 5 minutes it takes to find out how voter registration in your country works and how ACORN works.

The facts:

  1. The fraudsters were paid employees of ACORN, who were supposed to register the voters.

  2. For one reason or other these employees submitted bogus registrations with made up names or names of dead people. Possibly to skip work, possibly for some other reasons.

  3. By law, ACORN has to process these documents, so the they do so, notice the false names, but they still pass them on, again, being compelled by the law to do that.

  4. Nobody will vote using these registrations. Successful fraudulent voting has never happened this way before and is not likely to ever happen. You would need to provide valid identification with one of the bogus names on it to vote, so this is not going to work in any meaningful scale.

Based on these facts, the victim clearly was ACORN, since it paid people to register voters and those people took the money, but didn’t do their job.
There’s no way you could come to the conclusion that ACORN are guilty of fraudulent behavior, unless you don’t know all the facts, or alternatively, don’t care at all about the facts.

Bingo! Carol and the other conservatives slagging ACORN are responding to Dr. Pavlov’s bell…their corrupt and disgusting political party has managed to induce a reaction to the very idea of registering poor people to vote, mostly because the more poor people vote (real poor people, who know just how “helpful” the Republican policies have been to them), the less Republicans will be in power.

Good riddance.

My grandmother mentioned ACORN today at dinner. She didn’t really know anything about it, except that it was bad and it had something to do with Obama. She watches too much Fox News, which is to say she watches Fox News.

I tried to explain the whole thing to her, but it didn’t matter.

If Carol Stream or anyone else who buys this crap can explain to me 1.) exactly what ACORN did that was so horrible and 2.) what they hoped to gain from it, I’d really appreciate it.

<smear> Perhaps they’ve gotten the names of Cindy McCain’s suppliers. </smear>

To be fair, that’s a horrible convoluted name and I’m not sure that not knowing what ACORN stands for is indicative of anything.

Not “knowing” anything beyond “they’re corrupt and bad and evil henchmen of Obama”, however, is grounds for justified scorn.