Naming things for Trump

This morning’s paper ad an op-ed suggesting some legal action against Trump as an alternative to impeachment. The photo accompanying the article showed the fence around the Capitol.

I wish no end of unpleasantness for Trump, but I doubt the likelihood of success of many actions related to insurrection (I support such efforts, tho.) In the past, people have mentioned keeping and clearly labeling “the Wall” as a memorial to Trump’s inexcusable policies. It struck me that other “things” might be named after him, in a way to make evident the negative effects of his presidency. I thought such designations might be more easily accomplished than direct litigation. (Of course, I fully support wide-ranging litigation against Trump and his family/enablers/holdings re: emoluments, tax fraud, harassment, and other charges - hoping his and his enablers’ remaining years are relatively impoverished and unpleasant.)

I think I heard that a permanent fence around the Cap is proposed. If so, I thought it might be appropriate to name it the “Trump-memorial fence” - accompanied with signage saying that before Trump, the need for such things was unthinkable.

What think you? Is this silly? Inappropriately vindictive? Any other “things” that could be named after the Cheetoh?

There are some large garbage dumps that could be candidates for “Trump’s Dump”.

I don’t like naming the Capitol Building Wall for Trump, that could be misinterpreted as not a negative thing.

We could label all large tire fires “Trumpfires”.

“The global outbreak of SARS-CoV-2, better known as the Trumpian Plague…”

I saw one on the drive between Cincinnati and Louisville last month. Had a big Trump sign on top of a trash mountain. I did not stop to take a picture because I was sure I could find a link online. Alas, no luck.

Currently ‘trump’ as a verb means to ‘beat (someone or something) by saying or doing something better’. I would like it to change to mean ‘thoroughly fuck something up through a mix of incompetence, denialism, and / or corruption’.

I name each new roll of toilet paper after Trump.

I prefer toilet paper that does it’s job.

I hear ya. But believe me, in my house Trump eats shit.

To be fair, he’s really only responsible for the US outbreak. But I’m happy with calling almost half a million dead Americans the “Trump Death.”

I bought toilet paper with Trump’s face on it on Amazon. Kept some for us, gave some away in our last Purim pinball tournament, which took place just a week or so before the US went into pandemic mode. Our last Hurrah.

*Sigh *

Purim is about 3 weeks away.

A month ago we were talking about having the yearly party, and asking people who were vaccinated, or who had been tested negative within the past week, and still masking everyone, checking temps on arrival, and having lots of hand sanitizer available.

We’re not going to.

We’re not even making shlach manos.

I’m not good with this. He didn’t cause the global epidemic, he just left the US woefully unprepared for it and seemed to be trying hard to make it a lot worse for the US.

For a moment I thought that as a replacement to you meet, a zoom meeting roasting Manos, the hands of fate MST3k style was in the works.

Oh, it is actually Mishloach manot :slight_smile:

You could say the same about the Justinian Plague, but we still named it after him!

The Trump Insurrection and the Trump Plague should be his only legacy.

I like this. Kinda unfortunate to mess up a perfectly good word. Easier to repurpose a name like Santorum.

But would be nice if folk started saying, “I Trumped the shit out of that!” to indicate that they really fucked up!.

The Trump Failed Insurrection and the Trump Disastrous Plague.

Those qualifiers are an essential item to tie to his name forever.

We need to come up with something else we can name the Trump Treasonous ________, but I have no doubt the next year’s investigations will bring something appropriate to light.

As long as whenever the name Trump is spoken or read the ideas of treason, disaster, and failure are close at hand, justice will be served.

A dumpster with an eternal flame comes to mind.

A dumpster with the gilt peeling off.

The entire Trump candidacy-presidency: “Trumpgate”

Has this been suggested yet?