Trump will become a noun, like Quisling.

I’m declaring it as of today. It’s hard to fathom but he is somehow unaware of this. I can’t imagine scenarios that avoid this happening.

My question is will it be that way for the names “Republican” and “conservative” in the future? We have seen wagons hitched. They need to be unhitched to prevent becoming avatars, if it is even possible to stop it. Will this happen?

It already is.

I tried to get “Darvish” as a synonym for fucking up after Dodgers WS game 7. :smiley: :smiley:
I would say to my CA friends, “You forgot your wallet on a date last night? You really darvished.”


Loser Donald doesn’t deserve to have a word named after him.

May I suggest damnatio memoriae instead?

“Trump” was already British juvenile slang for “fart”. That no longer seems adequate, though.

Maybe the game Snakes and Ladders could be renamed Trumps and Obamas, and it could be reframed as a morality tale.

I like it. One goal is to climb & progress forward, another goal is to slide backward (or pull out a pop-o-matic and call the game something else). Potentially everyone who plays can be a winner depending on what they want.

You mean Chutes & Ladders? Was that a typo, or am I missing a pun or something?

Yep, it’s a game both sides of the political spectrum could enjoy. Reaching the top would mean a Democrat presidential victory and reaching the bottom would mean a Republican presidential victory.

Snakes and Ladders.

It’s already a great adjective. When something is “trumped up”, it is made up and not true. Sound familiar?

then there’s this:

noun: trumpery; plural noun: trumperies

attractive articles of little value or use.
    practices or beliefs that are superficially or visually appealing but have little real value or worth.

adjective: trumpery

showy but worthless.

All that needs is his picture.

It’s kind of unfortunate for my prediction that it’s already a servicable word for the guy, in more than one way too.

But the meanings don’t capture the moment as has been observed already here. His name ought to become like Hitler, Quisling, or Manson, Arnold. A word that was needed because it scraped the bottom of what we called human behavior. A new low gets a new word.

Arnold ? I would’ve guessed that most people in America think somebody else than Benedict. And in the rest of the world pretty much nobody has even heard of him.

Also Manson is hijacked by Marilyn M ( even though he took it from Charles M ), but kids today…

Ok. How about “Taking a trump?”

Yeah, I meant the two names together: Benedict Arnold. Arnold would have been hard to reserve just for one purpose.

I’ve been thinking that we should go ahead and do something similar with Pence. In that case, it needs to be slang for something relating to anatomy, or sex…sort of along the lines of santorum.

The word “trumpence” occurred to me in 2016. Like “Feed the birds, trumpence a bag” or something, but it never congealed.

You should try again, using it to describe the windfall that the average taxpayer got from the Greatest Tax Reform of All Time™.