Stop using his name!

Can we stop using POTUS’s name? It only gratifies his insane urge to see it in media everywhere.

Suggestions for replacements welcome. Perhaps Cheetolini, the Yam, Baby-man…

I feel your pain. I’m not into using a perjorative, but instead will say, “The President”.

That ship has sailed. Sometime back in 2015, some fool said his name three times, and now we’re stuck with him.

He’s not Voldemort.

(that guy had a plan)

I was going to prop a similar thread in which we try to come up with a consistent name that does not use President as a title or Trump as a noun.

I’ve been using Cheato but maybe that’s too convoluted.

Dumpy? Primpy? Pompy? Pumpf? How about the old Hizzoner?

I like “The Donald,” because I’ve read that he hates being called by his first name. “The Trumpster” also works for me.

Apparently some ancestor changed the family name to Trump from Drumpf – perhaps his grandfather, but it’s not clear.

I’m pretty sure that’s a hugely praising way of referring to him, as the subreddit dedicated to him and his (vigorous) supporters is called /r/The_Donald.

if you use Chrome, install the “Detrumpify” extension. It will replace “Trump” or “Donald Trump” with a randomly-selected nickname thought up by It uses a whitelist for sites (which SD is not on,) so it won’t bring any risk of running afoul of the prohibition on changing quoted text here. It’s funny to go to and see headlines like “Swollen Earthworm Gizzard Revives Keystone Oil Pipeline That Obama Blocked,” “President Cryogenically Frozen Bog Man Is in the Building,” and so on.

I have a friend who calls him “Il douchy.” Only she sort of pronounces it so the last syllable is more of an “ay” than an “ey.” I use it myself on occasion. I’m kind of sad about the fact that I had to explain it to my husband.

"“The Devil told you that! The Devil told you That!” shrieked the little man.

And in his anger he stamped his right foot so deep into the earth that he sank down as far as his waist.
Then he seized his left foot with both tiny hands in a rage, and tore himself right down the middle into two.

Then, as good men of government on both sides saw the body of the tiny suicide fresh on the ground, it was argued for years to come as to which Party actually cared less.


I never mention the name. I always write T**** in a self-redacted way, and/or use one of the many hilarious nicknames, e.g. Agent Orange, and so forth.

I’ve seen that in England, his name means “fart.”

President Fart.

I’m fond of Loser Donald. He deserves a nickname as eloquent as the ones he gives to his “haters”.

This reminds me of the idea that the press should never publish the names of high-profile criminals, because it is an enticement for some weak-minded persons to get their names in the papers.

Yeah, well… The readership (and viewers) don’t figure it that way. We don’t subscribe to media that doesn’t cover this stuff. We want to know.

In that spirit, I’m doing my part by refusing to subscribe to media that over-focuses on the orange-haired buffoon. When the news starts to play clips of his voice, I change channels. If enough of us did this, then, in time, the news would catch on.

(By the way, is his hair dyed? This was asked a lot about Ronald Reagan, too.)

I’ll call him Trump, because that’s his name. I don’t believe I’ll ever put the “P” word in front of it, and he won’t care, but I’ll do it that way for me not him.

I’d rather hear his name than one of those dumb nicknames.

What is driving me nuts is having to see his image every time I check the news or FB. And it’s almost always the most unflattering photo. I mean I know he’s no hot stuff in any image but some of the faces photographer’s catch turn my stomach.

They did the same sort of thing with GW bush. Every picture that was published in the media had him with the most stupid looking expression on his face.

Mr. Second Place?

I have a lot of terms I use for him that are not appropriate for a family forum.