What does VHS stand for?

What does VHS stand for?
As in the tape format…not Vermont Historical Society or Virtual High School.

Video Home Standard

Thank you much!

Eight minutes. That some sort of record?

That’s funny. www.acronymfinder.com says:

Vertical Helix Scan (video cassette format/technology)

Venice High School!

I thought it was Video Home System.


My mistake, the S stands for System, not Standard.

IIRC it was originally Vertical Helical Scan (because the video head rotates, following a spiral path relative to the moving tape). Later they started calling it Video Home System. Maybe Marketing thought Vertical Helical sounded too technical. Next: What does DVD stand for?

Sorry, it’s vertical helix scan. But you can call it Video Home System all you want. Do a google search. JVC created the technology in 1976.


From the link:

“The next revolution was the preservation and replication of moving video. The VHS tape (Vertical Helix Scan) was the first form of mass production video media that was available for public use. The next development was the audio Compact Disc that was introduced in 1982 by Sony.”

Thanks for the clarification Usram.

I’ll bite - DVD = Digital Video Disc, originally Digital Versatile Disc.

That would make sense to me, since I don’t think “Video Home System” makes any sense at all. Sounds like they came up with a technical acronym, started using it, and then thought, “No, that’s too geeky, what else could VHS stand for?” Otherwise, I think they would have called it Home Video System, don’t you?

By the way, as far as I know, DVD stands for Digital Versatile Disc.

Close, but you have it backwards, it was Digital Video disk first, then “they” changed it to versatile.

thanks for the link shunt - comes in handy for the stuff i’m working on right now.

Virtual Hentai System

I emailed JVC to get the Straight Dope. Right from the horse’s mouth:

[sub]Some info edited for privacy.[/sub]

Not according to this FAQ (section 1.1.1) that says the official answer is that it doesn’t stand for anything anymore.

And IBM does not, contrary to popular myth, stand for International Business Machines, but rather for Inferior Blowup Monsters.

Someone from DEC told me so.

While we’re here, I’ll just mention that I’m told the ‘DX’ in DX coding (the standard for the panel of conductive squares on film cansiters) doesn’t stand for anything at all. Don’t ask for a cite; I read this in a photography magazine years ago and I can’t find any support or denial of the idea.