What Effect Will Trump's Concentration Camps have on his reelection campaign?

But they weren’t just “at the wrong place at the wrong time”. They deliberately, of their own free will, WENT to that place at that specific time.

So what? It’s not illegal to go to the border, or request asylum. It’s illegal to attempt to cross under certain circumstances, but illegal acts need to be proved in a court of law after due process, not assumed by the government because of where someone was found.

I always saw “concentration camp” refer to camps where a minor group, already a part of the population, is separated out. Indeed, that is exactly what the expert in the article said. Arresting people crossing the border is just a different animal.

I am not defending Trump’s policies here. I don’t think people with legit refugee or immigration claims should be held in jails. But calling them concentration camps is an abuse of the term and I predict only going to be accepted by people already disposed to thinking Trump is the next Hitler

I agree that the idea of Trump as Hitler is an exaggeration. Trump lacks the dedication. He’s making a big mess out of immigration because it pleases his base. But he doesn’t really give a shit. When he’s out of office he’ll go back to hiring these guys to work at his resort.
But the lack of empathy he shows concerning these migrants is astonishing. He flippantly breaks up families, for keeps now. It’s sick, but it ain’t Hitler.

“Concentration camp” only implies “the next Hitler” to the truly ignorant. The US used concentration camps to house Japanese-Americans, and the British used them in numerous circumstances. Hitler used them too, but Hitler’s monstrosity is about the extermination camps far more than concentration camps.

I know that. But your definition of concentration camp includes people being in the “wrong place at the wrong time”, which isn’t really true, and thus your definition of “concentration camp” doesn’t apply here.

How are they not in the “wrong place at the wrong time”? Many of them did nothing wrong, and yet they’re still treated like vermin. There shouldn’t be any negative consequences to presenting one’s self at the border to request asylum.

I didn’t say it implies that, I said that’s whom the rhetoric will appeal to.

You and I must have different definitions of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time”

Perhaps. IMO, it means someone suffering due to circumstances other than that they did something wrong. Some of these folks had a choice akin to “almost certain death” or “try to apply for asylum at the US border”. If those folks weren’t “in the wrong place at the wrong time”, then who is?

I agree. I’d be perfectly fine with “Thank you for requesting asylum. Here is your court date. Here is a list of the documents you may need. Here are the phone numbers of some lawyers who can help you. Come back to the US on this date.”

For the sake of hygiene, I hope they’re installing showers at these facilities.

This (and other similar responses). The only question here is the turnout for whoever the Democratic candidate is in several key states. Otherwise Trump’s votes have been locked in since he took office. They are a mix of the people who hate the reality of America and others who are like a spouse in a bad marriage who won’t ever leave because they don’t want to admit they were wrong.

What Effect Will Trump’s Concentration Camps have on his reelection campaign?

It will energize Trump’s base, and make more of them get out and vote for him.

The only thing that would make his base happier is if Trump authorized the national guard to shoot brown people on sight.

I’m glad to hear you don’t support Trump.

They’re still concentration camps. A lot of “detention” or “refugee” camps qualify as such. A lot of people in a small space with inadequate facilities and limited options (if any) for going elsewhere.

The “detainees” are locked up. So far as I know, NONE of them are free to leave until the people with the keys say they can go.

You think the six year olds and toddlers really decided to cross an international border on their own?

Right. But no doubt you and your friends will be “forced” to vote for Trump, because his opponent will be so very, very terrible.

They were forced to do it? By some people other than their parents?

I’m sorry - are you not aware that young children, some as young as toddlers are being locked up in [del]cages[/del] prison cells? Are you claiming that those children did this of their own free will rather than being taken across by adults?

We generally don’t put young children in jail for the actions of adults. Unless they come from the south and speak Spanish as their first language. Or something else foreign, but right now is seems to be a major problem with folks from sough of the border.

I don’t know why people keep thinking they can get in twitter fights with AOC and win. It almost never goes well for them, and that’s why I’m very glad she’s the first democrat to make a statement on this. Here’s hoping she’s not the last.

Yikes. I mean, I have no faith in the American electorate, but this is just brutal. :frowning: