What else is like the music from Dralion (Cirque du Soleil)?

This is a longshot, but I’m hoping that a few of my friends out there in SDMB land have heard the music of Dralion.

This has been one of my favorite CD’s for a while, so I wondered if there were any other artists with the same/similar sound. The Amazon auto-suggestion robot isn’t of much use as it only recommends the rest of the Cirque stuff.

I’m not even sure how I would classify it. iTunes groups it under “new age”. A lot of it is operatic to my ears, although I don’t generally find classical opera appealing. Exotic migh be a better word. My favorite track is probably Ravendhi. Ninkou Latora is also good but the clip on Amazon doesn’t do it justice. The last track, Kamande, actually got me liking bagpipes!

Any suggestions?