What else should people who live in glass houses not do?

Last night, after Fang tried to reprimand his little brother’s table manners, my wife told him “People in glass houses should not throw stones.”

Fang thought about this for a minute, and said they also shouldn’t place heavy objects in one place on the second floor. Spike piped in that they also shouldn’t walk around naked. Squeaky thought that hanging pictures was a bad idea.

So far we have that people who live in glass houses should not:
[ul][li]Throw stones.[/li][li]Keep heavy objects in a small area on the second floor.[/li][li]Walk around naked.[/li][li]Hang pictures.[/ul][/li]
C’mon Dope. What else should people who live in glass houses not do?

Make love with their SO?

Turn the heater up beyond about 1600 Celsius.

Run wearing socks.


Shouldn’t have diamonds on the soles of their shoes.

While we’re at it, people who live in grass houses shouldn’t stow thrones.

Walk around in stiletto heels.

Set up bird feeders.

Shouldn’t expect low tornado insurance premiums.

Playing handball is definitely a bad idea

So is encouraging performances by operatic soprani

Throw parties.

Per Karl Pilkington People in glass houses have to answer the door.

I’d like to add - can’t take a really hot shower.

Or playing recordings of those performances on Memorex tapes.

Dissemble, stammer, or otherwise fail to get right to the point.

You wouldn’t want to run out of Windex.


Although I’m not sure how you’d avoid it.


That’s why you don’t run out of Windex.

Living in a glass house is a big pane.

Make love with their neighbor’s SO.