What ever became of Biorhythms?

Brief description from a web site:

"Biorhythms are cycles in one’s life, consisting of physical, emotional and intellectual fluctuations.

The first biorhythm is the Physical. It cycles every 23 days.
The second biorhythm is the Emotional. It has a 28-day cycle.
The third biorhythm is the Intellectual. It has a 33 day cycle.

The three biorhythms begin in the positive phase at the moment of birth and continue regularily thoughout life. Each rhythm consists of low, critical and high days. Critical days are often times when a person’s behavior and actions differ from the norm for the individual."

No need to go into the history or development of this pseudoscience, or debate its validity. I just seem to recall that these used to be a rather popular among those who are now interested in things “New Age.” I probably calculated my own biorhythms back in the 70’s when it was the cool thing to do. But unlike astrology, psychic phenomena, and spiritual and healing practices of the New Age, which seem to be everywhere, I never hear anything about biorhythms anymore. I even attend Columbus’ annual “Universal Light Expo”, a New Age convention-centerish festival, but never see a thing about them. Plenty of websites about it, and software to download to calculate your own biorhythms. But when and how did they fall out of the pseudoscience mainstream, or are they still there and I’m just not seeing it?

Well, the validity of biorhythms has been so thouroughly discredited that even the New Agers backed off. This is not to say that biorhyths don’t happen. They do. But, unlike that other pseudoscience, astrology, it predicted very little.

Simply put, people on the high end of the intellectual rhythm didn’t feel any smarter. With good reason. They weren’t.

Back in my 8-bit C64 days, I recall a self-imposed exercise in BASIC programming that produced some pretty cool biorhythm charts on a dot-matrix printer. As I recall, the actual math took maybe ten or twelve lines – including the usual mess of accomodating our Gregorian calendar – and the other 300+ lines were needed to get the damned printer to make it all presentable.

Discredited? Sure! But biorhythms are kinda fun and at least as legitimate as numerology and a lot of other bullshit theories.

I would have to disagree with WallyM7 on the Biorhythms. No matter how thoroughly you discredit a foolish concept like Biorhythms, “addle-brained New Agers” (Cecil’s line) will continue to be devoted believers.

It seems to me that the only reason Biorhythms have dropped in popularity is that it is easier to go buy a piece of quartz for a hugely inflated price, polish it, purify it in the moonlight, and put it on your mantelpiece, secure in the knowledge that you are warded against evil and that your house is being infused with positive energy.

In other words, it’s easier to buy a pretty crystal or one of those colour-charts than to calculate and plot Biorhythms. Even the New Agers figured that out eventually, and the concept lost some of its appeal to them.

Biorhythms involved too much, well, math. Thats why they disappeared from the realm of popular pseudo-science.

The cycles are at a low for now, but will converge on start of 01/01/2001.

It was popular at school, when we first started programing and could get a print out. Hey, do want to see your biorythm? I just wrote a program for it. Oh, wow! Yeah, print it out.